Summary: The question asked of Mary still rings true.

Who Are You Looking For?

Matthew 28:1-10

Easter is a time of reflection. A time to reflect upon the glorious resurrection of our Savior. Easter is also a time of soul searching. With that in mind I would like us to take a look at our background scripture. We will find that each person in this account was "looking" for something. My question to you today, is simply, what are you looking for?

Many people come looking for many reasons. For example, why are you here today? Perhaps like Mary, you are looking for peace. Maybe you are looking for closure. You may even be looking for something to hold on to (memories. Each of these things was present with Mary. Maybe you are like the soldiers, here because you have to be. It’s family tradition to come to church on Easter. Or perhaps like the Angel of the Lord you are here for good news.

Whatever your reasons they are sure to be formed by events in your lives. Events such as turmoil, tragedy,

loss, the actions of others and transformation.

Let’s go back to our scripture and take a look at what each person expected to see. The women expected to see a tomb. They also expected to find the tomb sealed, guarded, unapproachable and unaccessible. The guards expected to see..just another day. The same routine with no surprises expected.

Now let’s turn that question to ourselves. What did you expect to see this morning. Maybe you came expecting to see "another church service", maybe you expected to see friends, or maybe you came expecting to see Jesus.

Praise God, He is anything but ho-hum. The scripture tells us that the ground shook and the angel rolled the stone away. The seal was broken and the guards fell as though they were dead. Folks realize that when God moves, it is always an "earth shaking" experience. When God moves...things change. When God moves....barriers get removed. When God moves.....His glory shines brightly. When God moves.....enemies get paralyzed.

Now I want you to notice, not only was there an "earth shaking" experience, but God’s message was heard loud and clear. When you seek Jesus....He will always have a message for you. He may deliver that message through others. He may deliver that message through His word. But no matter what the method, you will know that the Lord Jesus is speaking to your heart.

Let’s take a look at God’s message to women in the garden. Realize that this is God’s message for you as well. Fear not for God knows what you are looking for. Peace, joy, healing, forgiveness....God knows what you are searching for. The second part of the message is that Jesus died on the cross and He rose again - just as He promised. But not only is there a message, but there is a marching order as well. Spread the good news. Don’t just sit on God’s divine revelation to you, but go and tell someone.

What lessons can we learn today.

1. You may have not come here expecting to find Jesus

but Jesus is here seeking to show himself to you

a. John 3:17

2. Jesus resurrection has given us victory

a. victory over the past - Romans 4:25

1. sin

2. shame

3. guilt

b. victory over death

1. 1 Corinthians 15:55-57

c. victory for the future

1. 1 Corinthians 15:20-22

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