Summary: We should look like Jesus - or atleast his brother. When the world looks at you, who do they think of?

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Who do you look like?

John 20:19-31

I have heard it said that every body has a twin in this world. I remember hearing that in high school. I had never though of it much until someone pointed out somebody that thought could be my twin.

Our high school has 1200 students and I was not exactly a person that got to know a lot of people. Just the ones in my classes. That was a bunch all by it self.

One day there was an assembly and the whole school was present. On of the friends said there is the guy that look just like you. O looked over the crowd and did not see anyone that looked like me. After a few minutes of pointing directing my sight I found the face. It was one of the coaches, I did not even know his name, I was a band person and did not have to take PE. I still did not think that the looked like me.

I had some friends that were twins, Allen and Dale. Neither was particularly hansom we were in band together and most days shared a table at lunch. They were not identical but they definitely looked like brothers. Some people had trouble telling hem apart and would call them the wrong name.

I don’t recall having trouble at all. They were very different. They were both in music but one played woodwinds and the other brass. One was on the honor roll and the other was not. One was the apple of the family’s eye and the other wanted a different family.

== But they were brothers and every body knew it.

Our scripture today picks up in the afternoon of the first day of the week. The same day that the women had come to the tomb, the disciples were gather in a locked room. The good news of Christ resurrection according to John has Mary Madeline going to the tomb and making the discovery, she tells peter and John who confirm it is empty and it says they realize that this was told in scripture.

They leave thinking WHAT NEXT?

Mary hangs around talks to a couple of angels and bumps into Jesus who sends a message to his brothers.

It appears all this happens early in the day and the scripture jumps to evening. It seems like the group had gathered, perhaps moving through the streets in disguise, Hiding their Gallaeian clothes, or covering their faces.

They meet and as people arrive they enter the darkened room, the door is locked behind them, there are oil lamps or candles burning, but just enough to move around the room. The windows are closed up with shutters or with drapes.

=Any talking is done in soft tones and whispers.

Everyone is listening for voices and foot steps outside.


Mary saw Jesus, He was alive…No not a dream she was wide awake. She saw him in the garden outside the tomb. It was daylight….Well I suppose she could have been mistaken or wishful thinking…Shhh did you hear something?

They are so afraid of the authorities that every set of foot steps and knock at the door had them holding their breath.

Their teacher was killed because he was accused of being a king, he did not deny it and in some accounts agreed he was.

= He is dead and the rumor is now that the disciples has stolen the body…..that can’t be good for them.

Can you imagine how that felt?

Being really scared that at any moment you would be dragged off to prison and a rigged trial.

The mixed feeling about the news Mary brought. Thinking, what am I doing here, we are all going get caught.

Then “suddenly,” Jesus is there! No noise, or the opening of the door or window. It is like you blink and there is someone. He says, "Peace be with you," and every body in the room knows he is there. They hear voice of a dead man.

His voice is familiar and is at normal volume and tone. No fear No distress

He shows them his hands and side a proof that it really is him. They were filled with Joy…

I wonder if they could be quiet when the realized it was Jesus…

“Dude you scared the daylights out of us! Where have you been….”

I wonder if the immediately realized that no body let him in?

For them, the realization of Jesus resurrection became real. They see him and talk to him.

Then he says, "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you." Then he breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, they are forgiven. If you refuse to forgive them, they are unforgiven."

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