Summary: This is the first of three sermons in a series that takes a biblical look at dealing with the storms of life.

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Who Do You Trust in Life’s Storm’s?

Job 13:15

I. Can You Trust God When You in Extreme Suffering?

A. Life’s storm attacked Job financially (Job 1:13-17)

The Storms will:

• Check where our treasure is located

• Check who our master is in reality

B. Life’s storm attacked Job’s family ( Job 1:18-22)

C. Life’s storm attacked Job’s fitness (Job 2:7-8)

D. Life’s storm caused an attack on Job’s face (Job 4:7)

1. His character was called into question

2. His righteousness was called into question

II. Can You Trust God When You are Forsaken? ( Job 19:14, 19)

A. Job was forsaken by his remaining family (Job 2:9)

Two Things to Remember:

• His wife had lost everything also

• The devil will use those closest to us at times to bring us down

B. Job was forsaken by his friends (Job 4-37)

1. He was forsaken by their bad counsel

2. He was forsaken by their accusations

C. Job was faithful while being forsaken (Job 19:25-27)

III. Can You Trust God in the Darkness of Life’s Storms?

A. Job did not understand the darkness of this storm (Job 23:8-9)

B. Job desired a reason from God (Job 23:2-5)

C. Job stood faithfully on God even in darkness (Job 23:10-12)

IV. What Did Job Discover in Life’s Storm?

A. He discovered God’s supreme sovereignty in life (Job 38:3-7)

B. He discovered God’s staying sufficiency in life (Job 42:5)

C. He discovered God’s supplying sympathy (Job 42:10-15)

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