Summary: How do people know who you have been spending time with.

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Place Allendale Baptist

Date September 2001

Acts 4: 5-13

INTRODUCTION Mom always asked two questions when I went out. Where you going? & Who are you going with? When I come home, she would ask who’ve you been with? She would always check my story to make sure it was the same as I told her earlier.

In the text, Peter & John are brought before the Sanhedrin for preaching the gospel. In chapter three they had healed a lame man in the temple.

We can notice three things in this passage.


A. Peter preaches Jesus, crucifixion & resurrection.

B. No matter how lost, how messed up people may be if you share the Gospel with them you can’t go wrong.


A. Peter & John. Disciples of Christ. Part of the inner circle.

B. Seen as untrained & uneducated.

C. Remember peter had denied Christ just a few days earlier.

D. Spoke with boldness. When he spoke he was sure of what he was speaking about.


A. His life had been changed. He had spent time with Christ.

B. When we spend time with Christ

1. Our face will show it. (Moses coming down from the mountain)

2. People will know it.

C. He was under the guidance & leadership of the Holy Spirit.

They say the longer a couple is married you start to look like one another. Who do you spend most of your time with?

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