Summary: The Nature of Who/What God Is And How We Should Respond To Him

God 101

Contrary to popular belief, simply believing in God does not make you a Christian. James 2:19 tells us that even demons believe in God. What separates you is a desire to know God on a personal level, to grow closer, to learn more about him, and to have a relationship with him.

The only reason we know anything about God is because he choose to reveal it to us.

The only things we can understand about God are what he helps us learn.

God makes himself know to us and reveals himself to us in three ways.

1 Through nature

2 Through personal experience

3 Through the Bible

Some people refuse to believe in God because the can’t see him. They believe in oxygen even though they can’t see it. They believe in gravity even though they can’t see it.

But if these things were suddenly gone, you would definitely believe that they had existed.

Let’s examine some of the things we know about God and how we experience them.

God In Nature

God is the creator of the universe. We know this by Gods word-the Bible in Genesis 1:1.

God has left his fingerprints all over the universe he has created.

You can see God in the sunset, in the stars, or in a beautiful babies smile.

The wonders of God’s creation are all around us if we simply take the time to notice them.

Consider how perfect God’s creation is. It the earth’s rotation changed by only a few degrees, Earth would be uninhabitable.

God In Person

Sometimes God can reveal himself to us in a more specific, personal way. He does this to demonstrate who he is. This of these things that may have happened in you life.

An unexpected check in the mail when you needed it the most.

Walking away unscratched from a car wreck you should have died in.

A disease or sickness you had suddenly gone.

Doctors telling you you’ll never be able to have kids and now you have 3 beautiful children.

Regardless of the situation, know it or not, God at one time or another has demonstrated his love, power, and protection to you. Look at your life and learn to listen carefully to things that go on. Learn to listen for the gentle whisper. Sometimes God doesn’t always speak to us with a thundering voice. The better you get a recognizing these things the closer you can grow with him.

Who is God and how do I get to know him?

The best source to learn from about God is his word-the Bible. The Bible has everything in it that God wants us to know about him. For starters, God tells us his name “I AM” in Exodus 3:14

The ancient Hebrew word for God is Yahweh which is literally translated as “The Lord”.

God has certain attributes and characteristics that are applied to him. When they are applied to him they become perfections. This means that there is nothing halfway or so-so about God. These perfections exist in complete harmony. One never out ways or overrules the others. Love never out ways his Holiness. His Justness never overrules his Mercy. Here are some of God’s characteristics followed by a more detailed list.

God is Love

God is Mercy

God is Compassion

God is Just

God is Holy

Understanding God’s help us in further understanding him.

God’s Perfections

God is Eternal

We as human beings cannot understand that God is eternal. We are bound our concept of time. We simply cannot imagine forever. Time, however does not apply to God. God had already existed before man started keeping track of time. He will exist even after time ends. Imagine God standing over a table looking at a maze. Time and everyones life are in the maze. God can see the past, present, and future. This is how God knows everything about you and what you will face in your life. There has never been a time when God did not exist. Unlike the universe, God was not created. God created us and we are alive because he is the life giver. God will always be around to protect you and watch over you. God will always be.

God is Holy

Sin cannot exist in god’s presence. The fact that God is Holy means that everything about him is good. Everything he does is good. Everything he commands is good. This means that when we truly trust God with our lives that we will never be led astray or asked to anything evil. If we follow his instructions, we are guaranteed to do right. We may not understand it at the time, but the reason will be revealed to us in the result.

1st John tells us to reject sin just as God does.

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