Summary: Who is this Holy God, Our Creator? We ought to learn all we can about Him, since we are created in His Image. As we learn about Him, we learn more about His plans for us.

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Who is God?

By: Rodney A. Fry

Preached at New Hope Baptist Church ~ Conway, AR

Sunday AM June 12, 2005

Isaiah 6:3


Only once in scripture do we see the Seraphim, and only one thing do we hear them say, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord Almighty. In the Hebrew language when a word is repeated it is kinda like you using a highlighter to mark something.

Repeating a word in Hebrew is to emphasize something. The angels were not saying God is Holy, they were not saying He was Holy, Holy. They were saying God is Holy, Holy, Holy

There is no other characteristic of God that gets the emphasis that His holiness does. We are never told in scripture that God is wise, wise, wise, and we are never told that strong, strong, strong, we are never told that God is powerful, powerful, powerful

Only his holiness is repeated again and again and again, because His holiness needs to be recognized as more important.

God’s Holiness emphasizes who God is more than any other thing about God. God is worthy of our praise because he is holy.

If we want to compare ourselves to God then, we are a lightening bug and He is lightening. All the wisdom and power in the universe is His. (Dan 2:20 NIV) and said: "Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.

Who is this Holy God, Our Creator? We ought to learn all we can about Him, since we are created in His Image. As we learn about Him, we learn more about His plans for us.

I. God is Holiness (Psalms 99:9)

a) Holiness is not simply one positive God quality among many; it defines all of God’s other attributes or characteristics.

i. Holiness defines God the way light defines the sun

ii. Holiness is the essence of who God is

b) From His holiness flow all of God’s attributes.

II. God is Righteousness (Psalms 50:6)

a) When we say God is righteous, we mean He follows the moral rules He established. He always goes the right thing

b) So God’s Holiness guarantees righteous actions

III. God is Love (I John 4:16)

a) A great opening separates holiness from everything substandard. But God’s loves closes the void between His holiness and out unholiness and draws us to His loving heart,

b) He reached out to us before we even knew we needed Him

i. He held out hope to change our unholiness into holiness

ii. So He offers us this holy gift

IV. God is Grace and Mercy (Ephesians 2:8)

a) God’s Grace and Mercy flow from His Holiness

b) His holiness gives us what we don’t deserve (GRACE) and does not give us what we do deserve (JUDGMENT)

c) He shows compassion on us in our unholy spiritual condition, and He acts kindly toward us when we deserve judgment.

V. God is Truth (John 14:6)

Truth flows from God’s holiness, so we can reply on what He says to be correct.

a) He never lies, misrepresents, or misleads us.

b) So when His Word tells us that God loves us or it gracious and merciful to us, we know these statements are factual.

c) Because God is HOLY, He ALWAYS bears truth.


Our God is a Holy God. Holiness treads its way through all of God’s other attributes to help define them. Who He is exemplifies what He wants us to be.

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