Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series "Back To The Basics". This sermon asks the question, "Who is God?"

Sunday Evening October 27, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “Back To The Basics” [#3]



Psalm 19


Psalm 19

1. When David looked up and saw how beautiful that God’s creation was he burst into praise to God.

2. Down through the years men have wanted to know what kind of being God is. They want to know how God looks. They want to know how God feels towards man. What are God’s attributes?

3. What reveals God to us? The Bible. Nature. Jesus Christ, the complete revelation of the Heavenly Father.

4. Jesus showed in His life on earth the kind of being that God is. Let us look into this great doctrine of God.


The Personality of God


He Is A Spirit

1. Although God is very real, He is not visible to us.

2. If God is real, he must have a form. (This form is spiritual)

3. We will never see the form of God until we go to Heaven and see Him face to face.


He Is A Person

1. God knows, feels, loves, hears prayers, speaks, and acts.

2. The Bible represents God as a person, a living God.

3. God is free bound by no limitations, can act freely.

4. God’s power is unhampered and unlimited.

5. God is highest above all and mightiest over all.

6. God is the author of universal order in matter, life, and mind.

7. Look at God’s creation, how can one not believe in God.


The Attributes of God


God Is Holy

1. There are many instances in the Bible that show us God’s holiness.

Isaiah 6:1-5

2. When Isaiah saw God, He cried out and hid his face.

3. We are all so unclean before our Holy God.


God Is Eternal

1. God was around before the heavens and the earth and will be here when the earth has crumbled.


God Is Omnipotent.

1. This means all-powerful.

2. Jesus said, “With God all things are possible”.

3. Those who subject themselves to the will of God will be happy, but whether we follow God’s will or not, we are subject to Him.


God Is Omniscient

1. This means God knows all things.

2. God takes even the evil acts of man and makes them work out for good and for His glory.


God Is Omnipresent

1. This means that God is everywhere at all times.

2. God is always there, during the good and the bad.


God Is Great

1. God is great in creative power. Look around you. Look how complex the human body is, but God made man with the thought and a word.

2. God is great in redemptive power. Man was made in innocence, but sank down into sin. Yet God in mighty redemptive powers saves us from our sin. The only thing that can change man is God.

3. God is great in keeping power. When God saves a person, there is no power strong enough to tear that person out of the Father’s hand.


God Is Loving

1. God’s love is shown in the gift of His Son to die for us. Sacrifice is the greatest test of love. God showed His love through the greatest sacrifice.

2. God’s love is shown in His daily care. God is always watching over us.

3. God’s love is shown in His mercy towards sinners. What mercy God has shown us. If people would just realize how much God loves them, they would be a changed person.


The Present Relation Of God To The World And To Man


God Governs The Affairs Of The World

1. At times it seems that the world is nearing disaster, but God is still upon the throne, and still reigns over the universe.

2. God lifts up nations and cast others down according to His purpose.

3. God lifted up many nations, but when they went astray He cast them down.


God Punishes Sin And Rewards Righteousness Here Upon The Earth

1. Men cannot just do as they please and get away with it.

2. God chastens His children.


The Future Relation Of God To The World And To Man


God Will Be A Just Judge

1. Jesus will Judge all Christians according to their works and reward them.

2. At the Great White Throne Jesus shall judge all unbelievers and punish them according to their works. The opportunity for salvation is now, when we are dead then God is our judge.


God Will Reward The Faithful And Punish The Sinful

1. The Christians reward is Heaven.

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