Summary: God’s Spirit in Control of Our Lives.


Romans 8:14

Who is a believer?

A. A person is not a believer merely based on his/her profession of faith, but rather being indwelt and led by God’s Spirit. It is told to us that the Holy Spirit dwells in us as believers in Christ (Romans 8:9-11). Paul speaks of the same idea in Eph. when he talks about us being "sealed " by the Holy Spirit. For we will consequently be led by Him. (Rom 8:14).

B. In Romans 7:17 Paul used the words " dwell in " to describe how sin dwelt in him, just as he spoke of the spirit dwelling in him. (Rom. 8:9). Therefore, I believe Paul is telling us that the entrance of the Holy Spirit into his life did not solely eradicate his sinful nature.

C. But it was his desire to serve that indwelling Spirit instead of the sinful flesh, In other words it was his intelligence to make a life changing decision to the be led of the Spirit. We as believers in Christ must be the same way. There must be a desire in your heart that will be the catalyst for evicting your sinful nature out of your life. Give full reign to the Holy Spirit to have control over your life. Who is in control of your life? Is it you or God?

WHO is in control?

A. If Paul had been led by his old nature, before his conversion, some would question whether he was truly saved.

B. Some of us need to begin to ask the same question of ourselves. Am I truly saved?

C. The answer lies in your daily walk. (Read Romans 8:11). The word quicken means "to make alive", once we have come to possess spiritual life by means of an implanted spirit. We there is new life. We are being born again.

D. For flesh tries to control. (Gal 5:17) - States that the flesh is opposed to the spirit. What the flesh wants, the spirit declines. What the spirit wants, the flesh never agrees with. It is impossible for dead flesh to rule over a live spirit. Dare to die in order to live. Get in the Spirit and let the Lord minister to you.

E. Give the Holy Spirit control of your life. The Holy Spirit will lead you in the perfect will of God for your life. Choose this day who is in control of your life - the flesh or the Spirit.

Responsibility to follow the Spirit.

A. When we allow the Spirit to have control, we are immediately called into active duty.

B. (Rom 8:12) "Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh." I choose to believe that "we are debtors " indicates we are under obligation to God to do good works. We personally have done nothing to merit (deserve) the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We are indebted to God for his presence in our lives. So we need to begin to repay God for the grace he has shown. Follow the Spirit and not the flesh.

C. Obey God’s word and walk in Spirit and truth.

Consequences of lifestyle

A. Paul knew that ones way of life clearly depicts whether or not a person was a born again believer. God knows that our actions will definitely bring about some kind of results. But its up to us to make the Spirit led decisions concerning our lives.

B. (Rom 8:13,14) If you do not have God’s Spirit you will begin to find yourself separating from God. You will be excluded because your life is yielding to the fruits of the flesh, and not the Spirit of God.

C. Jesus says: I am the vine; you are the branches… How can a branch survive if it breaks away from its vine? Where does it find strength to show off its fruits, how does it survive when the rain and storms come its way, as it begins to whiter up. The branch once its disconnected from its foundation, will begin to dry up and become fragile. It needs to abide more in the vine. It needs to get back in contact with is source of comfort, back in contact with the vine. We as believer need to do the same. Get back in contact with one true vine. That vine being JESUS.

D. Those that desire to follow him in the Spirit will grow from immaturity of a bud, into a mature fruit-bearing branch, full of strength and rooted in foundational doctrine of the Savoir. For those who are controlled by the Spirit are voluntarily conformed to Christ. This conformity will confirm we are saved and born again and are joint-heirs with Christ. In Christ we have a life abiding in peace, rest, and a fruitful display.

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