Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This series is designed to help you identify and understand who Christ is as the Bible says.

Let’s turn to Exodus 3, Exodus 3.

Let’s do a little quiz. How many books in the bible? How many books in the bible? Everyone say 66. How many in the Old Testament? Everyone say 39. What’s 3x9? So therefore how many books in the New Testament? Very good. So if you’re new 3x9 is 27. there’s 39 books in the Old, 3x9=27, 27 books in the New.

My parents live in Florida. They were here for Easter and they decided to move out here so they’re back packing their house and they’re moving from a house. They got like 3000 sq. ft. for $2 and they’re coming out here to get an apartment for 90 million dollars. So they have to get rid of a lot of stuff and they’re going through packing, getting, just making plans for the trip and you know my dad’s stressing. He’s ah just stressing over all that stuff. But I can imagine all the packing they have to do cuz whenever I go visit them I spend about the first hour in the house walking through all the rooms looking at all the pictures. They have a lot of pictures I don’t have of our family, of our immediate family, brothers and sisters and then parents and grandparents and aunts and vacations and football, and my brother was, I have another brother who was a professional boxer. I have another brother who was a professional football player and he was a Heisman runner up. So we got all these pictures and all this stuff that I don’t get to see. So we go through all the house and I you know grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandfather got a picture of him. um he was probably about 317 years old in this picture but you know it’s just great to see your ancestors.

But if you came to my parents house and didn’t see a picture of me amid all these pictures you would doubt whether I was their child. Amen? I mean I would be hot because I am their son and if they had pictures of everybody else and didn’t have a picture of me.

The same is true of the bible. If Jesus really is the Messiah, the logos, the word, if He really is God and He’s eternal there should be pictures of Him throughout the whole bible. It’s very important for you to understand that. Jesus did not come on the scene when He was born of Mary. He’s been on the scene since before, matter of fact the bible says is through Him everything was made. But not only are there pictures of Him metaphors and 1 metaphor would be the lamb of God. In the Old Testament right before the Jews were being delivered from Egypt they had to kill a lamb, put the blood on the door. Jesus is the lamb that was slain in the New Testament. In the Old Testament in the holy of holies they had the holy, holy place they had a candle that gave light. Jesus is the light of the world. They had the bread in the holy place for the priest to eat. Jesus is the bread of life.

There’s a whole lot of metaphors of Him and a lot of stories that point to what He did on the cross for us. There’s actually scriptures that describe Him dying on the cross but there are also incidences of Christ Himself as a man, as a person or someone you see in the Old Testament. And then in the New Testament obviously is Jesus.

What we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna look at the common thread of all these sightings of God because in every one of the ones I’m gonna talk about today He was dealing with fire. Everyone say fire, fire.

Ok let’s look at, read our opening statement there. It says – The Who, the Who is Jesus Really series is designed to maximize the ability of the people of the Rock to understand and defend the identity of Christ as outlined in the bible. This series is designed to help you identify and understand who Christ is as the bible says. Did He say He was God?

Today we’re gonna look at Christ in the whole bible and again you can do, there’s volumes of books on all this stuff. We’re just gonna look at a few and each one is gonna, each one of the ones we’re gonna look at today we’re gonna see that He’s dealing with fire. That’s why the title is Fire Man, I am.

Let’s go over a new word we’re gonna teach you. Say theophony, theophony. Theo is God in Greek. Theology or theology is the study of God. Biology is the study of bio-systems. Ok? Psychology is the study of psyche. Theology is the study of Theo, God. We’re gonna look at theophony. Theophony is an appearance of God before man like an epiphany. A theophony is an appearance of God. Now in the New Testament we have Christ so we don’t need, He’s the theophony. He’s God in the flesh.

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