3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon on how Jesus portrayed his deity throughout the Bible.

Who’s the man this morning? Amen! If you were to ask the people you know that question, who is Jesus you would get some wild answers.

Um, if you were to go down to a, the other day I was at a park and I saw this woman playing with her 2 kids. She had 2 kids. They were out there playing on the swings, sandbox, etc. This man drives up and gets out of the car and starts walking towards them and the kids run to the man and start saying – Hey daddy, hey daddy. They jump in his arms. He hugs them. He plays a little bit. He gives the keys to the car he just got out of to the woman who was with the kids. She goes back to the car, hits the button, unlocks the door, she goes in the car, gets out some toys. They come out and they play with the toys and they all play together. Then they all 4 leave together. They go to a house. They all walk in the house and they start watching TV, the phone rings, the man answered the phone and says – Hey dad, how you doing? He starts talking to the man on the phone and then he gives the phone to the kids and the kids say – Hey grandpa and they start talking to grandpa and then grandma. Then they hang the phone up. Then they have dinner together and then the dad or the man whom they called dad reads a bedtime story, tucks them in bed. Then he and that woman sit down and watch TV, watch some CSI or what have you. Then they go to bed together in the same room, read the bible, pray, go to bed, and get up and do the same thing the next day.

I want you to complete this sentence for me. This man or that man is that woman’s what? What? For the most part it’s probably her husband, 99 times out of 100 that’s her husband. He never had to tell you he was her husband. He just was her husband by what he did, by what people said to him, how they were treated, the access he had to the family all prove that that was her husband, the father of those children.

If Jesus really is God there are so many ways He can prove it without saying it by how people treat Him, by the worship He receives, by the things/titles He gives Himself, by how God the Father speaks to Him, by things He does that only God can do.

No many can just walk up to any woman and kiss her and go and live in her house and have her kids calls him dad. Ah under normal circumstance by the way.

So what we’re gonna look at today is a story in John 5 where Christ displays His deity in 7 different ways and we’re gonna look at these 7 ways and challenge you over the next month to read through the gospels and look for evidence of these 7 ways.

So before we turn there let’s all do our bibles. Did we do that yet? Let’s try that, I’m sorry let’s try that one more time. Word. Let’s see your pens, pens, pens, pens and your lesson plan.

Let’s turn to John 5. Now as you turn there I want to share with you and challenge I put out to the other services that are also gonna put out to the whole church: We have on our website a chart that is going to lead you through these 7 points we’re gonna look at today and if you go on our website, they’re gonna do this in the small groups. You can do this on your own. I challenge you to do it with an accountability partner, is to read through the gospels. That means you’re gonna read 3 chapters a day. There’s 89 chapters. In 1 month by the time we end this series and do the quiz in 1 month from now, you’ll have read through all 4 gospels and all you’re gonna do is look for evidence of the 7 things we’re gonna talk about today and write the address in the bible of these 7 things that we’re gonna talk about today.

And these 7 things we’re gonna talk about today are 7 ways, not the only 7 ways or the only ways but 7 ways Christ claims His own deity. And after today you’re gonna see what I mean by what these 7 things are and then you’re gonna start reading through the bible and looking for evidence and just write them down. 3 chapters a day. You’ll be through all 4 gospels in 1 month. Amen? Ok.

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