Summary: Psalm 23:1- The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.


Today's message is written for you to answer this very question: Who is leading you?

Part one

In the world today it is very easy for us to get off of track, and to lose focus of what God wants us to do. It is easy for us to get off of track because of all of the things that we have presented to us today. When we turn on the TV it is something on there that will try to get us off track of God's plan for our lives. We can be taken off of track and not even notice it, because we are just watching TV. The internet does the same thing to us as well, this is why it is important that we watch what we are watching on TV and on the internet.

Part two

The TV and the internet truly pull us away from God, even if you do not truly believe it. It pulls us away from God because we are not truly giving God our full attetion. What we really are doing is letting the TV or the internet direct our lives. We do this by making our daily routine around what comes on TV or spending ever free moment we have on the internet. When we find ourselves doing this we are actually coming up with wants that we really do not need. Why is this? Because our eyes are seeing all of the things coming across the screen and then our brian tells us that we need that want that just came across the screen.

Part three

God wants us to spend time with him, just like we spend time watching TV or on the internet. These things should not come before God, and they should not ever push God to the side. When we spend time with God he will give us our wants, need, and even more things. Don't let the TV run your life, let God run your life. When God is in control you recieve more things than your eyes can ever see coming across the screen.

Closing thought

Are you sick of letting the TV or internet lead your life? Then, let God lead your life, trust me you won't regret missing a TV show when God starts blessing you more than you can imagine! AMEN!

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