Summary: This is a message that is meant to encourage us to help those ravaged by the recent hurricane along the Gulf Coast.

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Who is My Neighbor?

Luke 10:25-29

I. The Thieves Saw a Victim to Exploit (v. 30)

A. The thieves represent the world (the devil)

1. It’s motive is stealing

2. It’s motive is killing

3. It’s motive is destroying

B. The thieves of the world care nothing for the individual

1. They tend to look at the world in groups

2. They tend to have a pack mentality

C. The thieves of the world only desire people for what they can get out of them.

II. The Legalistic, Religious Men Saw the Man as a Nuisance (v. 31-32)

A. The “religious” often find fault with the victim

- He should have known better than to go down that road

- He should not have traveled alone

B. The “religious” often center around themselves

C. The “religious” will often find excuses not to help

1. They probably thought going to church fulfilled their duty

2. They felt no need to get involved because they had no part in hurting him.

3. They may have thought someone else would help

4. They were afraid of contact with the victim

D. The “religious” were content to leave the victim like their heart

1. Empty

2. Cold

3. Lifeless

III. The Samaritan Saw an Opportunity to Minister (v. 33-35)

A. He is our example in recognizing and helping our neighbor

B. He was quick to help

1. He made no excuse

2. He had no ill motives

3. He saw a need and met it

C. His ministry involved 4 Major Points

1. Compassion

2. Contact

3. Care

4. Cost

IV. The Final Examination (v. 36-37)

A. Who do you identify with?

B. What is your answer to, “Who is my neighbor?”

C. Will you follow Jesus’ command?

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