Summary: What is going on in this world?

Who Is Really in Control?

Job 1:6-22

Scripture Introduction:

Please turn with me to Job 1:6-22. A number of years ago there was a horrific accident in Milwaukee, a pastor and his family were traveling on I-94 when suddenly his car hit a piece of metal that caused the gas tank to explode and immediately the minivan was a burning inferno. The children were immediately consumed in a ball of fire. Only one child lived long enough to make it to the hospital. The father was interviewed on national T.V and stated he and his wife were trusting the Lord through this horrible ordeal. In Job 1 the horrific drama of Job’s life begins to unfold. In a matter of minutes Job is informed that his ten children were killed by "a great wind" and that through various means his entire personal estate was wiped out. Like Job you may be wondering "What is going on in this world -- and who are the participants? Turn with me to Job 1:6-22.


3 Charged With Brutally Beating Homeless Man -- Downtown Chicago, Sunday Night

Police say Erik Soriano, 24, of south suburban Lansing; David Sanchez, 19, of the 4700 block of South Cicero Avenue, and Luis Recarte, 27, also of the 4700 block of South Cicero, attacked the 40-year-old victim around 11:30 p.m. Sunday night.

"I think there’s something in our culture that is dehumanizing people, making them less than people," said Ed Shurna of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

Miami Heat’s Antoine Walker Was Robbed In His House Monday Night

Police say the robbers were wearing masks when they came to the house of Chicago native and Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker in the 400 block of West Huron Street in the River North neighborhood Monday evening.

Detectives said the robbers took cash, jewelry and a luxury car, but did not harm Walker or two other people... Neighbor Elizabeth Utz expressed concern about safety.

"It’s a very nice, wealthy neighborhood... it’s scary to think that someone would break into your house like that," Utz said.

"There have been other break-ins as well, so this isn’t just the only (one), but what are you going to do when you live in the city?" added neighbor Lydia Lewis.

Our planet is at war, not militarily, not politically, not economically, but a war for the souls of human beings. It is an invisible war between the forces of good (God and his followers) and the forces of evil (Satan and his followers). The battlefield is the souls of men and women, boys and girls... yours and mine. At stake are the future of the planet and the eternal destinies of humankind. Casualties are being strewn all over our nation.

You must not live in self-denial or be AWOL from the battlefield. God’s people are to be actively involved in the battle as a form of worship to Him.

PROPOSITION: Because Christ paid your sin debt, you must faithfully worship Him in a way that will glorify Him regardless of your circumstances.

How do I make sense of this world -- believe there is an invisible war going on. I believe most of us live as if we are enjoying peace time and are busy enjoying the good life failing to worship God in a way that will glorify Him! The majority of Christians are perfectly satisfied to let the few dedicated Christians attempt to rescue the perishing! Who are those involved in this great battle for the souls of men?

What is going on in this world -- and who are the participants?

I. Who is Satan -- the accuser? v. 6-12

Satan is bent on destroying lives, dividing marriages, and contributing to the damnation of souls. Consider his character as it is revealed through his names and titles:

Satan -- the adversary The Devil -- slanderer

Beelzebub -- lord of filth Evil One -- intrinsically wicked

Tempter -- enticing to evil Old serpent -- crafty deceiver

Father of all lies -- great deceiver A roaring lion -- the great destroyer

The god of this age -- controlling the world system

The prince of the power of the air -- ruler over fallen angels

The accuser of the brethren -- opposing believers

A. Satan is free to roam. (6-7)

1. He has direct access to God.

Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

a. He is an angel.

Messenger -- created to serve God and His people (Heb. 1:14).

There are vast numbers of them (Rev 5:11) and they don’t die or procreate (Matt 22:30, Luke 20:36)

b. Angels were made to serve God.

The cherubim -- around the throne of God -- high order

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