Summary: Introductory Consideration 1.

Introductory Consideration

1. Imagine that we had a big blackboard before us. I write a heading on the board "things that are always wrong for us as Christians to do" and I ask you to tell me what I can write down. What are some of the things that you would put on the list? Then I write the heading, "things that are always right for us as Christians to do." What are some of the things that you would put on the list this time?

2. I am certain that we would soon be in disagreement as to what belongs on each list some of us may feel very strong about some of the things suggested.

3. And so I could make a third list. "things that we disagree about - things in dispute".

4. We have no blackboard with these lists on them but each of us has a list in our minds. There am many matters that we would disagree on things like how we should dress, whether we can drink alcohol, whether we can eat out on Sunday, the type of music can listen to or whether we can watch television.

5. How do we deal with these differences? Do we take it as a personal attack when others disagree with us? Do you believe as Christians that we should all be able to agree on these matters? When do we not do something we think is alright, because someone disagrees with us?


1. We begin with considering when something is right for us to do.

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