Summary: Continues to prove that Jesus is the Messiah by lookin at some of the miracles in the gospel of John

What we Believe Series – Part 5

Who is this Jesus (con’t)? John 20:30-31

We have been in a series called ‘What we believe.’

o Were continuing our focus on God the Son, Jesus Christ. What do Christians believe about Jesus? What was his purpose for coming to earth? What difference can he make in my life?

o The story is told of a missionary nurse who was traveling down a dusty road in the Middle East

o Her jeep ran out of gas

o She looked in her jeep in desperation for something that would hold gas

o All she found was a bedpan

o So she walked the mile or so to the local gas station

o There she filled up the bedpan with gas and walked back to the jeep

o Just before she was ready to pour the gas from the bedpan into the jeep a large limousine pulled up

o The limousine windows rolled down and she noticed it was full of wealthy male sheiks

o One of them said ‘lady we don’t share your religion but we do greatly admire your faith’

o As we look at the evidence that Jesus is the Son of God, I wonder where your faith is this morning.

o Last week we looked at evidence that Jesus is 100% God

o We will continue on that vein today

o We said that most people today don’t have a problem believing Jesus was human; the evidence is conclusive

o But many have difficulty believing Jesus is God’ even though the evidence is also conclusive

o What about you?

o What do you believe about Jesus?

o Do you believe Jesus is God who became man?

o Do you believe he lived a sinless life?

o Do you believe he died on the cross for your sins?

o Do you believe he rose from the dead?

o Do you believe he did the miracles recorded in the Bible?

o I’m sure you already know there are a lot of ideas about who Jesus is and what he came to do

o Some people think God is like Yoni Miagwa, who at 114 years old is the oldest living person

o Just kind of gives a grandmotherly wink at your lifestyle

o There is a growing segment of our population who believes that God will just wink at you and say ‘close enough Harry

o You did your best

o Your in

o But if that were true and it isn’t, why would Jesus have to die on the cross for my sins

o It makes God’s plan for me, the cross of Jesus null and void in my life

o Now I am sure that many of you are better than me

o But the problem is God is not judging you against my standard

o He will judge you against the sinless perfection of his Son Jesus Christ

o And you will never meet that standard without Jesus in your heart

o God sent Jesus to get the world back on track

o I am so thankful for that

o Are you?

o Others say God is like Santa Claus, you name it, you claim it

o Some get their idea of God from the movie ‘Star wars’ – the Force be with you

o Others think that God is a big judge in the sky that is going to hit you if you step out of line

o So we all have skewed thinking

o Were all marred by our thinking about God because of sin

o That is why we need to look at the Bible to discover who Jesus is

o God’s written word tells us all that we need to know about God

o Maybe not all we would like to know, but all we need to know about Jesus and who he is and how to live this life to the maximum

o In the fullness of time God chose to accomplish is purposes and reveal Himself through Jesus and ultimately the church

o If you want to know what God is like look to Jesus

o If you want to know how to relate to your wife, children, co-workers, and church attendees look to Jesus

o If you want to know how to have your sins forgiven and receive peace in your heart look to Jesus

o This morning were going to look at the gospel of John so see what God is really like (John 1:18)

o Because Jesus came so we can now know God intimately and relate to Him in a very personal way

o John wants us to know and experience his eyewitness evidence of Jesus the Messiah

o Why did John write this gospel?

o What was his purpose?

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