Thesis: Only Jesus is worthy to stand in the presence of God.


1. Psalm 24 is very much like Psalm 15, dealing with the question of who gets to draw near and be with God.

2. Psalm 15 approaches the question realistically; Psalm 24 idealistically.

I. VERSES 1-2.

A. God is sovereign over his creation.

B. God's sovereignty carries with it the power/right to impose standards of behavior on those who dwell in his domain (verses 3-6).

II. VERSES 3-6. (Note antiphonal question and response)

A. "Clean hands, pure heart" = purity of action and motive.

B. In verse 6 there is a variant (alternative) reading.

1. NIV reading says verses 3-5 is the description of those who may ascend.

2. A variant reading (see NIV footnote) puts a slightly different light on this verse--"face, Jacob." If this is the correct reading, it may be a type of "want ad" for the worthy person with "Jacob" (Israel) being the group from whom this potential ascending one will be found.

C. Many see Psalm 24 as celebrating the bringing of the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem.

1. Why would this be such a big deal?

a. 1 Sam. 5-6 (note esp. 6:19-20).

b. 2 Samuel 6 (note esp. verses 6, 9-10).

c. 1 Kings 8:3-5.

2. Every time anyone is Israel tried to move the ark, people died!

III. VERSES 7-10. (Note antiphonal question and response)

A. These verses may have originally commemorated the arrival of the ark into Jersualem in the time of David and into the temple during the time of Solomon. They may also look forward to the time when the worthy one in Israel is found.

B. Jesus is the one!

1. Heb. 8:1-2.

2. Rev. 5:9-12.

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