Summary: We tend to looks at sins and sinners in differing classes. By doing so we can make ourselves to look quite good spiritually. In the account of the woman caught in adultery Jesus showed that the "Righteous" of that day were every bit in need of the grac


Romans 1-3

John 8:2-11


1.) Sin as it infiltrates our lives is a very interesting thing.

2.) One of the amazing things of sin is that it tends to put blinders on our eyes.

3.) Today as we look at the Word of God we are going to see individuals who definitely were in need of the grace of God, and who knew themselves they needed that grace.

4.) But I also want us to look at others who were every bit as much in need of the grace of God, but because they thought they were good and Godly people did not realize they also had need for the grace of God.

5.) The reality is that every person who has ever committed even one sin is in need of the grace of God.


1.) This woman caught in adultery needed the grace of God.

A.) John 8:2-5

B.) God is very clear on marriage and on the marriage bed.

ba.) When this woman was caught she was having sexual relations with another woman’s husband.

ba-1.) The entire passage was a trap for Jesus. The man should also have been brought before Jesus.

bb.) God’s law demanded that such a person be put to death.

bb-1.) In the New Testament the Bible gives warnings of the fire of hell for those who so acted.

bb-2.) Jesus certainly had the right to order that the people would stone this woman to her death.

bb-3.) Before getting too caught up in merely this act of adultery, let us look at Paul’s words to the Romans about sin.

2.) The Apostle Paul in the first chapter of Romans speaks considerably on the wicked.

-- Rom. 1:18; 21-31

A.) When we look at this list of people we would give a hearty Amen to the acknowledgement of their wickedness.

aa.) In asking who needs the grace of God, we would certainly state that this woman caught in adultery needed the grace of God.

ab.) We would also agree with the wickedness of Paul’s list of those who are sexually immoral, as well as murderers, slanderers, God-haters, those who are heartless or cold-hearted, and others that we would see as some of the most wicked of the sinful

B.) When Paul was making those statements it is probable that the Jewish Pharisees, and other religious leaders were there, and like us today were giving a hearty Amen to the words Paul was speaking.

C.) The conclusion of those in that day whether with the woman in adultery, or these others whom Paul described would have been unanimous and summarized by the apostle Paul:

ca.) Rom. 1:32 "that those who do such things

deserve death."

C.) As much as the wicked are in need of the grace of God, I want us to look at a second group who equally need the grace of God.


1.) Dealing with the woman caught in adultery were the righteous.

A.) Those who brought this woman to Jesus were those who were considered righteous.

aa.) Those who were living for God.

ab.) The religious leaders.

ac.) These weren’t the wicked and the godless, but the devoted, the godly, the good, the upright, the righteous, upstanding members of society.

2.) These ones were the good religious people who felt they had it together.

A.) These are the respectable church members, the ones who tithe, teach Sunday School classes, lead the worship service or sing in the choir. These are the ones will lead the youth group, or organize the social committee of the church.

aa.) To be perfectly honest, these are the ones we hope will join our church .

3.) When Paul was speaking to the church at Rome those people were present there as well.

A.) In Chapter one, Paul was preaching of the wicked and their need for the grace of God.

aa.) We can almost hear the people as they sing out Amen! Preach on Paul! Tell them how wicked they are! Tell them they need the Grace of God!

4.) Paul did preach on. But now he moves to Chapter two where he preaches to the Righteous. He preaches to those who felt they had it together.

A.) This is the part the Jewish leaders were not as comfortable with.

B.) This is also the part we are not as comfortable with.

C.) This is the part where Paul turns to the righteous, and begins to step on a few toes.

D.) This is the part where Paul turns to the good and upright people like you and I and reminds us that we also need the grace of God.

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