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Summary: True worship, genuine worship is an expression of our love for God.

Let us pray


A few weeks ago, Bro. Charles Johnson spoke at our revival, and his theme was, It’s time

for a change. I believe a change is taking place, and last Sunday we all witnessed such a


God has a way of moving whom he wants to move, when he wants to move, and with

whom he wants to move, because he is God. God is no respecter of persons. He sends the

rain upon the just, and upon the unjust.......elaborate..

This morning our topic will be, Who or What do you worship? Who do you worship?

or What do you worship? Please turn with me in your Bibles

to Acts 17 (quickview)  verses 22 through 30. Let’s all stand and read together.

Think about this for awhile, Can we really worship what we do not know or understand?

Some people come to the house of God, just to impress their friends; some people come

just to clap their hands; some people come just to jump and shout, but I came here today

to worship the Lord. Who or what do you worship?

Some people might have come to show off their car in the parking lot; some might have

come to show off the latest style; some might have come to check up on their friends; but

I came here today to worship the Lord. Who or what do you worship?

For many people the aim of worship is, What is in it for me? What do I receive after I

have finished my gymnastics? What happens after I am through jumping and shouting?

This kind of worship is not a God centered worship, but a Me centered worship. How can

I please myself.

The people of Athens had made many gods, and it seems after awhile they ran out of

names and so erected an altar with the inscription to the unknown god. It is said that these

gods that the people of Athens made were modeled after them. "Whenever man rejects the

true God and goes off into ignorance, he begins to make his god or gods in his own image.

When genuine worship occurs and God is worshipped in Spirit and in Truth, then man is

re-made into the image of God. This is part of the reason that real worship is somewhat

threatening. It brings about a change in us. Not just a surface change, but a change at the

core of who we are?" True worship does not depend upon circumstances. True worship

does not depend upon how good or bad we feel. True worship does not depend upon

whether we have a large or small group. True worship does not depend upon how well

our stocks and bonds are doing; but when God has done something for you and for me,

we can’t help ourselves, we just have to worship God. What has God done for you lately?

Who woke you up this morning?....................elaborate....

If God were to ask you, "Why do you love me and why do you worship me?" How

would you answer. True worship is not about what we get from it, "but about

celebrating who God is." People say quite often, "I don’t get anything from church. I

don’t feel God’s presence. I am not being fed." For many people it is all about them

and their feelings, but real genuine worship "is when we recognize who God is and

celebrate and rejoice in Him." Real genuine worship does not start with our feelings, but

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