Summary: In my father’s house there are many mansions. Who wants to go there?

In the year 2000 the world was turned upside down with new TV shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? These shows were firsts of their kind and ushered us into the era of reality TV. Never before had we seen people do some of the crazy things they had to do just to stay on an island with strangers on Survivor. Never before had we watched the live broadcast of people living in one house going through everyday situations like on Big Brother. And never before had we seen a talk show personality offer people $1 Million. It has been possible to win thousands of dollars on game shows in the past but never one million! That was an amount that was simply unheard of outside of the lottery. Now ABC has dared the unthinkable, put contestants in the hot seat at the mercy of fourteen grueling questions about common sense, pop culture, music, theatre, and virtually everything you could ever imagine, in an attempt to acquire one million dollars. Although these questions are multiple choice, some can be extremely tricky or flat out off the wall unknown to common people. Fortunately, contestants are not left high and dry in the hot seat. They are offered the use of three lifelines. If a contestant does not know the answer to a question, they may ask for 50/50, the computer takes away two of the four answers leaving only the right one and another wrong one. They may ask for a polling of the audience in which the audience interacts and shows their intelligence by choosing an answer. The majority then rules as the suggestion the contestant should use. Or, they may have ATT connect to a previously selected individual on the phone where they can receive live help. These are all called lifelines on the show--the last resort for a contestant before losing the game.

Well, as it turns out, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Might be new to us for TV but Jesus has been playing this game with us for a long time now! Since the beginning of time God has been giving us multiple choices, and its just our luck that we always pick the wrong one, leaving us to wallow in self-pity, disappointment, and anxiety. We made our choices and when God asked us “is that your final answer?” we gave the wrong response. That cost us the game! And you know that on game shows, when you lose, you lose! There are no continues in game shows! However I thank God for giving us a lifeline! I’m talking about a lifeline more definite than 50/50! I’m talking about a lifeline better than ask the audience! It’s a lifeline even more assuring than phone a friend! We have a lifeline in Jesus!

Jesus is our lifeline! He gives us deliverance for our troubled hearts! We can hold on for dear life through a belief in Jesus! We won’t sink as long as we have hope in God’s house! We have a lifeline through Jesus’ work! And through his return! And even through an eternal habitation with him!

The disciples’ hearts were mighty troubled. All at once they had to stop what they were doing, take on a new life, adopt new principles, and live a different way. They were called to believe and teach about Jesus the Messiah! And now this! Now Jesus, the disciples’ newfound best friend would leave them and they couldn’t follow him?

This is what he aid a few verses back in the thirteenth chapter, 36-38 verses. Wither I go, thou canst not follow me now! Peter was puzzled! The rest were distraught! And why wouldn’t they be? But Jesus said no need to be troubled, just believe in me! If you believe in God, then believe in me because I am the revelation of God! I am the reflection of God! I am the son of God himself! Believing in me, that I am the son of God, will deliver you from all your trouble! It will be your get out of jail free card!

We need to understand that deliverance from troubled hearts comes through a belief in not just God but also his son Jesus! Jesus said “believe in God; believe also in me!” Continuing to believe even while you are in the midst of trouble will carry you through. Believing in God and his son will deliver your troubled hearts. Yes believing in Jesus is a lifeline! The Word says “these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and that believing ye might have life through his name!”

Deliverance from troubled hearts comes through the hope for God’s house! Do you see how Jesus called God “my father?” No coincidence! Jesus knew God as his father just like we know our own! He knew the truth: his father is! Is what? Oh well is love! Is life! Is liberty! Is local! Is powerful! Is knowledgeable! Is merciful! Is good! Is truth! Is wonderful! Is marvelous! Is peace! Is God! Is fill in the blank!

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