Summary: Surviving today requires that believers develop a godly mentality, a strategic plan and an understanding of the spiritual tools given to us by the Holy Spirit. Survival requires dedication to press in to God and in following His lead. Survivor’s ready?

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Who Wants to Play?

Soul Survivor Part 1

When we began thoughts of this series I asked myself a few preliminary questions….

• Who in the Bible best captures the essence of “survivor” skills in the face of great adversity?

• Who readily comes to mind when you think of victory over grave circumstances?

• Who in all of scripture challenges our perception of personal faith in the face of potentially crushing struggle?

I suppose that in a diverse audience several names might rise to the surface, but one in particular takes the spotlight in my assessment. That man is Job.

The story of Job and the biblical text in particular conjures a variety of responses in Christian circles.

• Some schools of thought teach that Job was a real person experiencing exactly what the biblical story tells.

• Others teach that the book of Job is a compilation of struggles known to man, brought together to produce the single conclusion that no matter what the situation, struggle or tragedy, God is always faithful.

• Still others see the book as nothing more than a piece of comic literature with tragedy nestled between a happy beginning and a happy ending.

For the sake of biblical apologetic, allow me to share my own theological view on the man, Job, and the book that bears his name.

I see that there is strong biblical evidence that the character introduced and chronicled in the 18th book of the Old Testament was, in fact, a real man.

Many believe that this great Patriarch of Perseverance is one of four son’s of Issachar, - grandchildren of Jacob also known as Israel. (Genesis 46:13)

We know, from the opening verse of the book that bears his name that Job lived in Uz, the land from which God called his Great-great grandfather, Abraham.

In Ezekiel 14 God tells the prophet that even men like Noah, Daniel and Job could escape national judgment only by their individual righteousness toward God.

James also makes reference to Job as an example to all of us of God’s compassion and mercy .

Job is the first of the five books of poetry or the How To books of the Old Testament.

Job How to Overcome

Psalm How to Pray

Proverbs How to Act

Ecclesiastes How to Enjoy

Song of Solomon How to Love

But, as not to get lost in the justification of this man’s physical existence, go with me to a higher level of prospective of this great man of faith to consider that the story of Job is not as much a historical event as it is about a man’s relationship with God. The details of his life, his family, possessions and relationships serve only to expose the depth of his faith in God and, in turn, God’s faithfulness to Job.

I think that in looking for examples of true Soul Survivors, we could do little better than to look at the man, Job.

Text: Job 1:6-12

There are few of us that would personally declare our ability to relate to Job as God described him…. “There’s no one on earth like him”…. “Blameless”… “Upright”… “Fearing God and shunning evil”. But hands would raise everywhere of men and woman who, in some way or another, feel’s a kindred connection to the hellish assault he was soon to encounter.

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