Summary: God is looking for a few good men to fight against the Philistine’s of our day. Someone who will trust God, stad firm and throw The Rock at the enemy. Who Will Fight this Philistine ? What about you ?

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Philistines? Text: 1 Sam. 17: 10-11

I. Where are the Philistines?

A. originally Aegean sea people (between Greece & Turkey) ie. Thessalonica, Smyrna, Ephesus

B. Over 600 mi they came and settled in Cannan

C. When they came they brought their:

1. different gods and different religions

2. different ethics and moral standards

D. an enemy not content to stay put (always attacking at different places)

E. An enemy with 5 strongholds united together

1. Then: Gaza ,Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, Gath

2. Now: Government, courts, internet, schools, homes

II. Who are the Philistines and what are they doing?

A. have always been against God’s people

1. they’ll fight against God being in: the school, the courts, the government, the homes

2. they’ll stand up and let their voices be heard

B. stopped them from digging wells in Abraham’s day (Gen.26:18)

1. they try to stop the water

2. the Bible is the water of life

C. In one battle they captured the most sacred thing the Israelite’s had (the Ark)

1. The Bible out of schools

2. prayer in schools

3. ten commandments

4. Christ out of Christmas

D. Their goal is get Christ out of your minds, out of your children’s minds, your life, your home

E. They are defying God and the people of God

III. What happens if they get their way? (Rom. 1:21-32)

A. God is going to “give them up” (a judicial term gr. handing one over for sentencing)

B. by removing His restraint and allowing their sin to run its inevitable course, (death)

C. Listen to what God said in (Proverbs 1: 22-33)

D. Generations to come will be corrupted

IV. What are we going to do about it?

A. Are we going to think Biblically or worldy?

B. Are we going to teach our children Godliness or let the world teach them their way

C. Are we going to vote Biblically or are we voting our pocketbooks

D. Are we going to support unrighteousness or righteousness?

E. Are we going to listen to the world?

1. ah there’s lots of way to heaven

2. ah you don’t have to go to church

3. ah you don’t need to read that Bible

4. ah you don’t need to pray

Conclusion: What about you, do you have a reprobate mind?

This world had an effect on your thinking?


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