Summary: Many say in our culture that it is who you know that determines where you will go, it’s true in eternity as well!

Who you know, determines where you’ll go!

1 Chronicles 28:9

I. We can know that He is ALIVE just as He said! - Job 19:25

There are actually some who claim to be Christians today who say that they believe Jesus died, but do not believe in the Resurrection. However I believe we can know for sure that He is alive! John 11:25/ Matthew 28 - Read

Because of the Resurrection:

a. Grace instead of Justice

b. Life instead of Death

b. Heaven instead of Hell

d. Answers instead of Questions

II. We can know that He is ABLE to Speak through the Scriptures! - John 4

Hebrews 1:1-3

* How many of you believe the Bible is God’s word?

* How many of you believe that the Bible is our road map to Heaven?

* How many of you believe God speaks to us through the Bible?

A. What does the Bible do for us?

Mirror - James 1:23 - 25 - Shows us what God sees

Water - Eph 5:25 - Keeps us refreshed

Lamp - Psalms 119:105 - Lights the way to God

Hammer - Jeremiah 23:29 - Breaks the Hardness of the Heart

B. What should we do with the Bible - Psalms 119

Discover - vs. 12

Digest - vs. 18

Delight - vs. 47

Depend - vs. 89

III. We can know that He Always works things out for His Saints - Rom. 8:28

Listen this life is not easy. It’s difficult. The road we travel is hard.

a. Most people say, why do bad things happen to good people? - God turns it to our Good!

* Heart trouble - soften spiritual heart

* Wheelchair - witness

* Back trouble - Stronger back bone.

b. Whatever the trouble God can help us overcome!

* Prevailing prayer -

* Precious Promises - 2 Peter 1:4

* Personal Peace - John 14:27

If I am heartbroken, at least I don’t have to go to Hell, if I am sick, I am a winner either way, if I am broke, at least He owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills!

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