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Summary: Who are you going to believe? The world? Your own thoughts? The enemy? Or God!?

Who’s report will you believe? (Isaiah 53:1) We shall believe the report of the Lord.You say, but, I believe in my healing…. yes, but did you receive it?

Believing is one thing; receiving (or getting a revelation of) is another!

You may have believed in Jesus before you were saved, but you had to get a revelation of Christ before you could be saved! Believing isn’t enough! The demons believe in Jesus, but they’re not saved!

Isaiah 53:1 continues to say: “And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” There has to come a revelation of healing in your life before you can be healed. You have to see your body healed. We must have that faith that causes us to act and speak what God speaks…nothing more, nothing less!

Some of you might say, “Well, preacher, I don’t know about that. When I get to heaven, I’m gonna ask the Lord why He didn’t heal my loved one who passed on.”

Do you know what He’s gonna answer? “I did heal them! I provided healing for everybody! Just like I provided salvation for everybody! You just didn’t receive it!” Are you saying I’m not a person of faith? No…because that would be a lie! The Bible says that everyone is given a measure of faith. I’m not saying you’re not a person of faith…I’m saying you are a person who doesn’t know how to act on your faith!

Don’t tell me it’s God’s will that you be sick! That’s contrary to His Word! God said you shall be healed…you better act like you believe it! How? By living it! By speaking it!

In your circumstances of life…don’t speak what you want to speak…rather speak what He already spoke!

You must act in faith! Why? Because God is a God of faith! The devil is a devil of flesh. Satan cannot touch your spirit. He can only touch your flesh. He is a fleshly devil. Think of when he was tempting Jesus in the wilderness. Each time, he asked Jesus to “show” him something. He is only moved by what he sees. That’s not faith. Hebrews 11 says that faith is what you don't see! Being moved by what you see is not faith. That’s fear. And the Bible tells us fear is a spirit. Yes, it is a spirit of the devil! When you cannot believe in something without seeing it in the natural first, then you have fear.

And, the devil is easily confused. After all, he is the author of confusion. And, don’t believe a word he tells you. He knows no truth. After all, he is the father of lies. He’s easily confused. That’s why, when you start rejoicing and shouting and praising God in the midst of your circumstances, he cannot figure out what to do. God’s Word says to submit to God and then resist Satan. (In that order)

What does it mean to resist someone? {James 4:7}Webster (who was a godly man) says that the word “resist” is a verb, which means to “oppose actively. To strive against, (not with). To withstand .” Okay, then what does it mean to “withstand” someone? Sounds like an oxymoron. You would think that the word “withstand” means to stand with someone. Rather, Webster says that the word “withstand” is also a verb, which means, “to resist or endure successfully!”

So, when God’s Word tells us to “resist” the devil, God is saying that we are to oppose him, and his tactics, actively. To stand against him and to do so with success! That’s why the verse goes on to say, “and he will flee from you.”

Ephesians 4:27 says to not “…give place (or opportunity) to the devil.” You see, when we are looking for an answer to our problem, we need to stop speaking about our problem. We are just adding to it. We should be speaking to that problem. For you see, the idea of man is to wait for a solution. The idea of God is to create a solution!

Some of us don’t want to be positive in our trial and simply believe that way because we don’t want to say what God says, as if His Word is a lie! However, we certainly don’t have any problem creating a negative situation by what we say that is against His Word! Folks, there is power in your words! And don’t you forget it! Why do we have power in our words!? Because you were created in His image…and He has awesome power in His words! Therefore, you have awesome power, whether you recognize it or not!

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