Summary: Wikipedia states that, “Who's your daddy? is an expression used as a boastful claim of dominance over the intended listener. We see it in sports when someone beats their opponent. It’s like another saying, “I own you”. It’s fitting to use in a spiritual s

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John 8:31-47

Introduction: According to Wikipedia, “Who's your daddy? is a slang expression that, in one use, takes the form of a rhetorical question. It is commonly used as a boastful claim of dominance over the intended listener.” We see it often in the sports arena when someone or a team beats their opponent. It’s equivalent to another slang term used in the same way, “I own you”. The slang term is fitting to use in a spiritual sense because to answer the question, who’s your Daddy, means to answer the question, who owns you, who’s control are you under. Let’s look at the text so we can answer this question too.

1) How do we know that God is our Father?

• We hold to Jesus’ teaching (vs. 31-32). These Jews claimed to believe in Jesus. However, Jesus knew their heart and he needed to test their sincerity. Many people claim to be Christians. However, a test of our sincerity (and authenticity for that matter) is whether or not we have concluded that Jesus’ words and commands are absolute truth. We can say we believe, we can say we are Christians but here Jesus is saying unless you have concluded that my teachings are truth you are not truly my follower. Unless you’ve made a commitment to hold to my teachings and continue in them then you are not a true Christian. A disciple means student; one who follows another’s teachings. A true believer is a disciple, a student, one who has committed to follow the teachings of Jesus. If we’ve done that then we will know what truth is and the truth will set us free.

• We are free (34-36). What are we set free from?

o We are set free from confusion.We are free from having to figure out what truth is. Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth”. There are some who think they’ve found it and they haven’t. And there are some who aren’t open to having their incorrect view of the truth exposed. Like the Jews Jesus was speaking to, they thought they knew the truth but were not open to having Jesus expose their incorrect understanding of truth. Some are confused by the idea that there is no absolute truth. ‘According to a survey done by Barna Research back in 2001 about 3/4 of all adults in America rejected the notion that there are absolute moral truths. Most Americans believe that all truth is relative to the situation and the individuals involved. Similarly, at least 80% of our teens embrace the same position regarding moral truths. 4 out of 5 claimed that nobody can know for certain whether or not they actually know what truth is.’ John 8:12. If we follow Jesus we are not blind anymore, we are no longer groping around in the darkness. We see the truth and we also see the contrast between light and darkness. We are not confused about what’s true and what’s false but rather we see clearly what’s going on around us. We have declared that Jesus and his word are truth and we measure everything else by this standard.

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