Summary: A complete order of service whith interactive children’s bits for a Christmas (Day)All Age Service.

Christmas Day All Age Worship 2005: A birthday party!

9.56am PPT Christmas Trivia Video clip playing as folks come in (from SermonSpice)

Reading: Luke 2:1-20, by a child?

Worship (Sheila):

Carol 1: Come and join the celebration

Prayer (or would you like to swap this with the above reading?)

Carol 2: Hark! The Herald angels sing

Mini- talk1- But whose birthday is it?

It’s someone’s birthday, today!

We want to say ’welcome’ to them, and wish them a happy birthday

- now, I know YOU all know whose birthday it is….

- But you’d be forgiven for not knowing whose birthday it is if you just looked at TV, shops, Christmas cards!

- SO…. pretend you don’t know, okay!


- in here are some clues! Who wants to help me?

- Who do these clues tell us about?

- Clues 1 (in box)

o Slippers, mice pie, , stocking, carrot

- Clues 2 (to hand)

o Glass of sherry. Stocking. Chimney

o Santa hat!

Yes- Santa!

But- is it his birthday? Is today all about him?

- PPT Pull up picture of Santa in a manger (’Jesus_santa_big.jpg’)

- no!

- So, we can get rid of him, then!

- PPT play video clip of ’snowman’ (santa getting swallowed by snowman)

Santa, or Saint Nicholas as he was called- was a good man and a Bishop in Turkey. But he gave presents because of the gift God gave to us at Christmas time. And

- Santa may lie at the North Pole- but Jesus is everywhere

- Santa may ride in a sleigh, but Jesus rides the wind and walks on the water

- Santa may put stuff in your stocking once a year- but Jesus is always there filling you with good things.

- If you ever go and see Santa the first thing he asks is ’and what is your name?’. Hm! Well- Jesus knows you by name! Worship

Worship (Sheila):


Carol 3 : Once in Royal

Poem: "Kisses"

Mini-talk 2 - whose birthday is it?


Who wants to help me with box 2?

- who do these clues tell us about?

- Clues 1 (in box)

o trumpets, torch (bright light), cotton wool (clouds)

- Clues 2 (to hand)

o Wings

Yes- angels!

- interestingly you’ll see Fairies on lots of Christmas cards, nowadays!

- Did they have anything to do with the Christmas story?

o Nothing at all!

What about angels

- were they there?

- Was it THEIR day?

- Was it their birthday?

o Nope, they were there to celebrate somebody else’s birthday

So- thank God for them… but it’s not their birthday party…. So we can say farewell to them!

Worship (Sheila):

Carol 4: Angels from the realms of glory

Mini-talk 3- whose birthday is it?


Come help me with this box

Clues 1: Doh! Donuts. "Why you little" TV. Duff Beer.

Clues 2: Marge Simpson’s beehive. Picture of Homer’s car

Yes- Homer Simpson!

- You see him everywhere at this time of year (PPT show image of inflatable Homer Santa)

- has he got anything (at all!) to do with Christmas?

- is it his birthday?

o No! So we can do away with him, then!

o Show 9’11"ff of Homer the heretic without sound (God scolding Homer)


And what about this person

- Clues 1 (in box): gold (chocolate). Sword. Knife. Riches

- Clues 2 (to hand): crown.

Yes- King Herod

But was it this king’s birthday?

- no! So we can get rid of him, then

Worship (Sheila):

Poem: "you will find the babe"

Carol 5: From the squalor of a borrowed stable

Mini-talk 4 - whose birthday is it?

Who can help me with this box?


- Clues

o 1) straw. Yes- he was born in a manger

o 2) Horse and sheep. Yes- those were the guests invited

" shepherds. The locals!

o 3) Gold- a gift for a King. Because He was (one chocolate)

o 4) Frankincense- for prayer. Intercession. (fragrance from Sainsbury’s)

o 5) Myrrh- what was used at his tomb. (ditto) He came to die

" but these were ALL gifts for a King… and birthday gifts

and this is where the birthday party was! A strange place for a party

Whose birthday was it?

- Jesus’!

- Whose birthday do we celebrate today?

o Jesus’!

And we put lights on our trees and houses to celebrate His birthday and say WELCOME to Him! You are welcome here.- (PPT - play ’Christmas lights’ video clip until I give the signal)

And we give gifts because God gave the greatest gift to us at this time- His Son, our Saviour Jesus. And it’s HIS birthday party!

- throw out lots of chocolates etc

Worship (Sheila)

Prayer of thanks for God’s Son!

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