Summary: While there are basic competancies that promote an emotionally healthy spirituality, there are also competancies that help us move outside of ourselves. Without getting outside of ourselves we will stunt our growth emotionally and spiritually.

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Whose Got Rhythm?

Psalm 119:161-168

November 22, 2009

Who has rhythm? Rhythm is a part of life. It is literally in our hearts. In our last sermon of this series, I want to leave you with the encouragement to intentionally develop a spiritual rhythm in your life. This is where you sync up your daily rhythms with God’s.

Further out in the Midwest, farmers prepare for blizzards by tying a rope from the back door of their house to the barn. When a blizzard hits, farm life goes on. Cows at the least still need to be milked several times a day.

The blizzards come quickly and blow furiously. Literally a farmer could not see the end of his hand, let alone, the barn or the house. Many farmers froze to death as they wandered in circles lost in their own backyards within a few feet of their back doors.

Between the excessive busyness and the storms of life, we get disoriented and confused. We are addicted to doing. We need to rest but we have to cram yet one more activity into our schedule. Even Sundays get jam-packed. I’ve been a part of churches where you get up early for choir practice, Sunday school, go to worship, go out for dinner, go home to change your clothes and maybe cram in a couple of chores. But then it is off again to choir practice or youth group followed by yet another service and then off to Wendy’s to grab a quick meal (because who has time to cook) before coming home to crash exhausted before getting up for work.

American Christian spirituality is focused on a quiet time with church on Sundays and maybe a small group hoping this will enable the average follower of Jesus to withstand the blizzard of life swirling around us. But it doesn’t.

Within a couple of hours of our devotions, we forget God. We trust that God is there and have not forsaken God but God doesn’t have any of our attention. By lunch, we are grumpy and short with people. Oh sure, we might listen to WCTL on the way home to remind us again of God. But then at home, our spouse and kids are wondering where our Christianity is at.

Sometimes we just surrender and accept that this is just the way things are in this world that we live in. But it doesn’t have to be. It isn’t supposed to be. I want to share with you an important concept not as something more to do but as a framework for your life. It is sometimes called the Daily Office but I am calling the Rhythm of Life. The basis is found all throughout the history of Christianity and even Judaism. It is derived from Scripture in several places but I want to use Psalm 119:161-168 with special attention to what David said in verse 164.

161(IS)Princes persecute me without cause,

But my heart (IT)stands in awe of Your words.

162I (IU)rejoice at Your word,

As one who (IV)finds great spoil.

163I (IW)hate and despise falsehood,

But I (IX)love Your law.

164Seven times a day I praise You,

Because of Your (IY)righteous ordinances.

165Those who love Your law have (IZ)great peace,

And (JA)nothing causes them to stumble.

166I (JB)hope for Your salvation, O LORD,

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