Summary: Knowing who is calling your name is as important as how they are calling your name.

I. Tone of the call

a. The way our name is called tells us a lot about what we need to know

b. Who is calling our name can also tell us a lot about what we need to know

II. How are name can be called

a. Compassion John 19:10-16 (Mary at the Tomb)

b. Quietly I Samuel 3 (Samuel as a child)

c. Commandingly John 11 (Lazarus’ resurrection)

d. Guiding John 10:1-18

III. He calls us in a guiding way John 10:3, 4, 16

a. Calls them by name (verse 3)

1. Not only does God know who we are but he knows our inner most being

2. Our strengths and our weaknesses are known to him

3. Our times of good choices and our times of poor decisions are known to him

b. Leads us/ Guides us with his voice (verse 4)

1. Doesn’t just give directions then watches us go

2. Jesus actually leads the way, the path is marked with God’s own footprints

3. When we pick up our cross to follow him we follow, not lead nor stand beside for Jesus is the light on the path

c. Sheep from all over and all different types will hear and follow the voice (verse 16)

1. God desires for many to hear the calling to follow

2. The call is still being heard even this day

IV. The importance of who calls our name John 10:5,8

a. Many will call our names (verse 8)

1. The Good Shepard we shall listen to

2. All others we must ignore and flee from

b. Regardless what we are told if it is not from the Good Shepard we must flee (verse 5)

1. No matter how small the temptation seems we must flee because even little stepping stones lead to larger temptations

2. We must flee because the thief only comes to steal the blessings God has for us and to kill us

c. Many people are trying to take control of the sheep and that is why the sheep must listen only to the Good Shepard and move towards him and away from all others.

1. Before our Salvation many come to deceive and pull us away from God for eternity but when Jesus called our name, despite all the ones who came before we knew his voice and was called into his family.

V. God called us first but just as important is the way we call to God

a. In times of despair the Israelites would call upon God with the name Jehovah-Saboath meaning “Lord of Hosts” to come and watch over them

b. When we are in need of provisions we can call out the name Jehovah-Jireh meaning “Lord will provide”

c. In times of weakness call upon the name Elohim meaning the “All Powerful One”

d. When we need a guide/ a Good Shepard who protects us, leads us on the straight and narrow path and even lays down His life for us we can call upon God using the name Jehovah-Rohi meaning “The Lord is my Shepard”

Regardless of the name we call upon God with we must first seek him with our heart. We must draw to Him; we must call upon Him and know that He is God. He is the Good Shepard, the Great Healer, the Strong Tower, He is GRACE AND SALVATION.

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