Summary: Jesus extends salvation to all.

Introduction: In Chapter 8 of Acts, we find an Ethiopian trust Christ (a descendant of Ham.) In Chapter 9, Saul, later to be the Apostle Paul was saved (He was a Jew, a descendant of Shem). Now in chapter 10, we see a Roman saved - A Gentile, descendant of Japeth. In these three chapters, the beginning of the church age, God demonstrated GRACE to all Nations!

The very heartbeat of God is for the World to know Him.

I. The Insufficiency of the Law - vs. 1-8

A. A Prestigious Man - vs. 1

1. He was a Centurion

2. He was in the Italian Band

B. A Pious Man - devout - vs. 2, Ro 3:11, Jhn 1:9, Jhn 12:46

C. A Pitying Man

D. A Pure Man - vs. 22

E. A Praying Man, Acts 8:30-31

II. The Inclusion of the Gospel - vs. 9-35

A. God=s Love Displayed, 1Ti 2:1-6

B. God=s Lesson Demonstrated - vs. 9-20

1. The Servant

2. The Setting

3. The Skepticis

4. The Significance

C. God=s Loyal Disciple

1. He Left to Obey - vs. 21

2. He Learned His Lesson - vs. 34

III. The Indisputable Gospel - vs. 36-43

A. The Peace of Jesus - vs. 36

B. The Proof of Jesus - vs. 37-41

1. The Messenger - vs. 37

2. The Messiah - vs. 38a, Isa 42:1, Isa 61:1-3,

3. Miracles - vs. 38

4. Massacre - vs. 39

5. Manifestation - The Resurrection - vs. 40-41, 1 Co 15:4-8

C. The Plan of Jesus - vs. 42-43

1. The Entrusted Mission- vs. 42 Mark 16:15

2. The Unavoidable Truth - vs. 42 2Ti 4:1

3. The Prophecies Fulfilled

4. The Universal Provision - vs. 43

IV. The Influence of the Gospel - vs. 44-48

A. The Power of the Word - vs. 45

B. The Proof to the Jews - vs. 46

C. The Profession of the Converts - vs. 47-48

Conclusion: Will the church commit to take the message from the Author of Grace to any that will listen! Do we really believe that Whosoever means Whosoever?


Disclaimer: A man once told me that if it is true, it is not new. If it is new, it is not true. We all know there is nothing new under the sun. With that said, I glean ideas for my sermons from God’s Word, my own thoughts and work, and many other sources. Any similarity to my sermons and others, where credit is not given, is either coincidental, or an unintentional mistake on my part. As none of us have a corner on the wisdom and teaching of God’s Word, it is my desire that any of my outlines be an encouragement, a help, and hopefully a motivation for others to preach God’s Word clearly. Please feel free to use any portion of my sermons if they can be of help to you and your ministry. I purposely include a skeleton outline, and not my full text, for this purpose. It is all for His Glory.

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