Summary: This message is a simple truth for serious times. Very familar passages are often over looked because of their familiarity. Let’s look at one ofthese verses.

Introduction: A simple truth is often overlooked because of the familiarity with the verse. This simple verse holds the keys to eternity....


I. GOD MADE IT FOR ALL..."Whosoever"

a.) Because all of us are sinners"

*Salvation must be for all, for all are in need of salvation, for all are lost.

*Verse 12..there is no difference between Jew or Greek.....The religious or the unbelievers.

*No matter how moral, good, immoral or bad a person may be...."all Have sinned...All need salvation!!

b.) Because all of us must die:

*God told Hezekiah.."set thou house in order, for thou shalt die & not live. (2 Kings 20:1)

*Salvation comes while we are living...not after we die.

(Noone gets to Heaven on the other side of the grave)

c.) Because all of us will stand before God:

*Revelation 20:15..."Whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.

II. GOD MADE IT EASY: "Shall Call"

a.) Men make it difficult.

*They place requirements, restrictions, exceptions.

*Some say only certain people in certain churches will be saved.

*Some say we must obey the ordinances or join some church to be saved.

*Still others say we must prove ourselves unto God to be found worthy, then He will save us.

b.) God made it Simple: Verses 9,10

*1.)Believe it in your heart. (Not just your head)

A genuine trust in the Finished work of Calvary.

2.) Act on faith. (Trust) and confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord.

3.) Call... Pray to Him (Eph. 2:8,9)

III. GOD MADE IT EXCLUSIVE: "Upon the name of the Lord"

a.) There are not many ways to be saved. There is not the Baptist way, or the Catholic way, or the Church of Christ way..not even the American way.

*Read Matthew 7:13,14

*Proverbs 14:12/John 14:6

IV. GOD MADE IT SURE: "Shall be saved"

a.) There is no doubt about it.*When does one receive Eternal Life? The moment they call upon the Lord.

*How long is Eternal Life? *How does He save us? Psalms 103:12

b.) We are placed into His family.

*John 1:12/1st John 3:2


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