Summary: Keeping our home fires burning. Is this referring to those who may have a fireplace in their home?

The Return from A Wedding.

Albeit this illustration applies to Israel and the second coming of Christ when He returns to establish His earthly Kingdom, it fundamentally applies to us, the church, as we await His return during the Rapture. This story is about a groom that had a wedding supper with some of his friends. He left to go claim his bride.

The workers of the husband were to be dressed for work and have their lights lit for the arrival of the wedding procession. The disposition of the believers to the arrival of Christ is to be one of preparation, "Let your loins be girded about and your lights burning” (Luke 12:35). We are to do all that we can for Him and living in anticipation for His return.

The topic changes from bridegroom to that of a thief. This is to highlight the component of an unforeseen arrival. Paul utilized similar hyperbole for Christ's second coming in 1 Thessalonians 5:2, “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.”

Jesus had more than once said that He would before long leave this world yet that he would return at some future time (Matthew 24, 25; John 14:1-3). He likewise said that a Kingdom is being readied for those who would follow Him. Numerous Greeks imagined this as a grand, admired, spiritual realm. Jews, similar to Isaiah and John, the author of Revelation, considered it to be a reestablished earthly realm.

(Revelation 16:15)

Christ's return at a startling time is not a snare, nor a stunt by which God desires to surprise us. Indeed, God is postponing His return so more individuals will have a better opportunity to follow Christ (2 Peter 3:9). During the timeframe before His return, we have had the chance to experience our convictions and to mirror Jesus' affection as we identify with others.

Individuals who are prepared for their Lord's return are not being hypocritical, yet genuine (Luke 12:1). They are not being fearful, but rather, they are prepared to be a witness to others (Luke 12:4-9). They are not nervous and restless, instead they are trusting (Luke 12:25-26). They are not covetous, but rather, they are giving (Luke 12:34). They are not slothful, yet industrious (Luke 12:37). What would we be able to say about our lives? Is it accurate to say that we are developing more like Christ so that when He comes, we will be prepared to welcome Him happily?

Testing of Servants in Light of the Coming of Christ.

This is an illustration that shows us of our obligation considering our Lord's return. It is directed toward the Israelites, but it also applies to the believers that are waiting for the return of Christ. Many individuals feel that the Lord is returning sooner than later, so they are just sitting around waiting for Him as opposed to working. We should be functioning as if the Lord was not coming for another thousand years but be looking for His return. We need to stop trying to set a date of His returning and be ready for it.

Jesus guarantees an award for the individuals who have been dedicated to the Master. While we may some of the time experience prompt and material prizes for our compliance to God, this is not what generally happens. Provided that this is true, we would be enticed to brag and be boastful with regards to our accomplishments and do good things just for what we think we can get. Jesus said that if we search for rewards now, we will lose them later (Mark 8:36). Our rewards in heaven will be the most dependable impression of what we have done on this earth and far more noteworthy than what we can envision (Matthew 24:45-51; 1 Corinthians 4:2; 1 Peter 5:4).

Suspicion about the Lord's coming produces the misusing of power and apathy in one's lead. We are to live in the anticipation of His return. Our daily routines ought to be experienced as though the Lord will show up without warning, and we should give a record of ourselves to Him.

Jesus has let us know how we are to live until He returns. We should be looking for Him, determinedly working for Him, and submitting to His commands. Such mentalities are particularly vital for our spiritual leaders. Vigilant and dependable leaders will be offered expanded chances and obligations. The more assets, ability, and understanding that we have, the more mindful we are to be in adequately utilizing them. God will not consider us liable for any gifts that He has not given to us. However, we all have enough gifts and obligations to keep us occupied until Jesus returns (John 9:41, 15:22; James 4:17).

Maybe, Christ will return before I finish writing this and before you finish reading it. Maybe He will come tomorrow, maybe not. But the fact is that He is coming back. Our inclination is to neglect some things since we get by with other things, however we actually get by with nothing. In the day that He comes, we will be in every way judged (2 Corinthians 5:10). Who is the "we"? We, the Christians, the ones that claim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, will show up before the judgment seat of Christ. Our judgment is not to decide if we are saved or not. Nonetheless, this will be to decide whether our property is at serious risk. Christ will pass judgment on us to determine whether we are worthy of rewards.

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