Summary: Our greatest and our only hope to make a long-lasting difference for God is to learn how to pray. Prayer is not optional; it is essential.

How many times have you said that you were going to become a better prayer warrior? Have you ever heard someone else say it? Even though many Christians have good intentions we often fail. It seems that one of the most apparent areas of poor performance in the Christian life is the area of prayer.

During the "great depression" many things were in great demand but we also in short supply. Sugar and gasoline were both rationed goods. No amtter where you needed to go in your automobile and how little gasoline you might have had, you couldn’t get any gasoline unless you had a coupon. So, oftentimes, people had to stay home due to not having fuel. And we all know that CARS WON’T RUN WITHOUT GASOLINE, don’t we?

And even today, if we’re going to get from where we are to where we need to be, regardless of the price per gallon, we have to buy gasoline. Does this sound at all familiar? At times we don’t pray because prayer is difficult and the price is too high. But then a really difficult time comes into our lives and our spiritual tanks are empty and we have no spiritual power. We desperately seek a way to pray because we know we can’t make it on our own.

Prayer occurs when we depend on God.

Prayerlessness occurs when we depend on ourselves.

Our greatest need and our only hope to make a long lasting difference for God is to learn to pray. Prayer is not an option; it is essential. If we are going to learn how to be a consistent prayer warrior, then we have to understand our obstacles.


I. Pride -- the most deceitful sin of all

Proverbs 29:23

A. Pride never accepts any responsibility

1. I haven’t sinned.

2. What I did is not a sin.

B. Pride always blames others.

1. We only need to look to the garden of Eden

C. Pride over-estimates the power of self.

II. Unbelief --- James 4:2

A. We have a God has not moved attitude

B. We have the idea that God will not do it.

C. We even believe that God can’t do it.

Unblief under-estimates the power of God.

III. Ignorance -- James 4:2

A. God wants you to talk to Him

B. God is not interested in your words.

C. God is interested in your heart.

Ignorance over-estimates th difficutly of talking to God.

IV. Time -- Hebrews 11:6

A. We have a problem with values.

B. We have a problem with priorities.

C. You always make time for what you value.

Time under-estimates the value of talking with God.

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