Summary: lessons learned in the midst of the trials of life

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Intro: over the last few months with Lauri facing cancer surgery and chemo treatments, I have thought a lot about the reasons God allows His people to go through trials in their lives. The Bible is filled with people of God facing trials, so it is very clear that just because you serve God you are not exempt from trials, storms and many tests along the way. Here is a summary of my thoughts on the purpose of these things in our lives

Why Christians Face Trials-James 1:2-4

· Dependence—as we go through life we can become very independent in running things. We can get to a place that we are handling everything by ourselves. Trials come to make us realize our source is God. God allows big things to take place in our lives to cause us to totally place our trust and faith in Him. Jesus said, I am the vine you are the branches without me you can do nothing.

· Stepping Stones—you can’t run with the horsemen if you can’t run with the footman. God uses crisis in our lives as testing times for our faith. As you win small battles it gives you the confidence to face bigger ones. Sometimes things come along that we must defeat to graduate to a new level.

· Chastening—if we get off course in our spiritual walk God will let some things into our path that will get our attention. God isn’t willing that any should perish so He will let us go through some fires if we have any areas in our life that need to be purged.

· Witness—many Christians do not fully realize that un-believers are watching their lives. They want to see if our walk matches our talk. How we endure trials is a great time of testimony. I believe it is a time that the unbeliever can see first hand that serving God is the way to go. They see that even in the storms of life, Christians respond with faith and trust that God will bring them through.

· God’s Power Revealed—when God is all you have, you learn that God is all you need. If I never had a problem, I’d never know that God could solve them, I’d never know what faith in God could do. The trials we face in life are times where God receives the glory for the great things He has done.

Close: today, if you are facing a trial, don’t go around saying, why me? See your trial as an opportunity not an obstacle. Whether it is physical, financial, spiritual, a relationship, or some other crisis, learn to trust in God, be still and know God. The secret of survival in any trial is recalling the many times that God has come through before, and tell the devil, God is going to do it again. Sing out, I’ve got a feeling, everything’s going to be all right. Always remember, when you come out of the trial you will be like pure gold.

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