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Summary: This sermon was preached shortly after the terrorist attack on Sept 11, 2001. It looks at the biblical perspective of why God may have allowed this to happen.

"Why did God Allow Sept 11, 2001 to happen to America?’

Various Scripture

- Pray

- Terrible tragedy on Sept 11, 2001

- Probably be close to 4,000 dead when said and done

- We have heard many say, "rise up America…go take vengance"

- not a problem

- Heard many say comfort those who mourn…not a problem

- But I don’t think any of that addresses the problem

- I think we have to ask this question, "God, why did you allow this to happen to America?"

- If you don’t address that, then you are just dealing with surface issues.

- If I have a huge boil on my leg, it won’t get better until it is lanced and then the roots taken out

- I have been disappointed somewhat as many pastors have spoken on this issue and yet they speak of comfort, and militarism but haven’t heard to many address the question

- God, why did you allow this to happen to America?

- On TV they can get away with not telling you the truth but I can’t do that

- I am going to speak from a biblical perspective, from a Christian perspective

- Answer these questions

1. Why did it happen?

2. What we can do as a Christian community?

3. How do you pray?

4. What about seeking justice or retaliation?

1. Why did it happen?

- Turn to Prov 16:7, I think this passage answers the WHY

- I have heard people say "Where was God?" Where was God?

- Read Prov 16:7 (2x)

- Converse of that "If our enemies are not at peace with us it is because our ways are not pleasing to the Lord."

- Why Bro. Jimmy to that happen to America? It is because we are not pleasing to Him

- We all now are rallying together as a nation and everyone is saying "God Bless America"…I even had Duke put it up on our sign

- But then I got to thinking, "Why should God Bless America"

- We have murdered over 30 million babies through convenience

- 60% of teenagers in America today would have been taken out and stoned to death because of immorality

- 50% of marriages in America God says, "traitors, treachery, treason, because they end in divorce."

- These are not just the only ones…we could go on.

- Look with me at abuse, molestation, pornography, promiscuity, homosexuality, violence

- Go with me to Mal 3:5

- God says to Israel, "I am coming to judge you (2x)"

- Why God would you come to judge us? God gives a whole list of reasons why He would allow judgment to come against them

- And as you read that list it is nothing compared to this country

- Listen, we commit five times the violent crimes of any other nation in the world

- Not 1x, 2x, 3x but 5 times the crime

- We have said "yes" to homosexuality…our gov’t bends to it, we have special days set aside to recognize it (EXPOUND)

- We have said "yes" to immorality, divorce, abortion, pornography, garbage on television so many things that God hates

- My bible says, "whom the Lord loves He chastens"

- If He doesn’t chasten you He doesn’t love you

- God has been chastening America and we haven’t heard

- Please listen, He has sent earthquakes in the west, hurricanes in the east, droughts in the south, floods in the north

- He sent tornado’s, mud slides, fires, and tragedies beyond our comprehension and we haven’t listened, we didn’t hear

- SO now God has chastened us…He has allowed an enemy to hit us in our own homeland

- You see, if we don’t see the problem, we don’t identify the real enemy, we will rally our troops, approach it from a secular solution and it will be a wrong solution or no solution at all

- Malachi 3:5 says…(read)

- That is Kindergarten stuff compared to what we have done

- We love II Chron 7:14, (2x)…you can say it, quote it, sing it (QUOTE IT)

- You know what that verse is used for…Solomon has just competed the temple…and it has been consecrated to God

- God is saying to him "right now you are with me, you are under my favor, you are in palm of my hand"

- But if there comes a day when certain things happen, that says you’re not close to me and you need to draw near to me again

- Better heed to II Chron 7:14

- What were the things? He said "If I close up the heaven so that it does not rain…you better watch out…you’re in sin

- Call out to me, seek me, turn from your wicked ways

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