Summary: Herod was agitated by Messiah. Why did Jerusalem tremble also? Was not Messiah the answer to their problems? This message explores the inner fears that keep someone from receiving liberty in Jesus Christ.

Why Was Jerusalem Troubled?

Matt 2:1-8

Last week – Herod had no room for another King

No one would rule his life

No one would rob him of the souls he claimed – (Note the King of Sodom – Gen 14:21 – “Give me the persons” = Give me the souls)

Herod was AGITATED –

Used to describe still waters that are violently disturbed – Like a Jacuzzi today (John 5:4, 7)

People who are supposed to be calm lose it –

The disciples of Jesus Christ experienced this when He came walking on the water. – Matt 14:26

Trouble makers incite riots. – Acts 17:8, Gal 1:7

I can understand Herod’s agitation

The Puzzle – Why was Jerusalem Troubled?

Why would the Joyous Message of Jesus’ Birth cause enslaved people to become agitated?

Four Reasons

People are agitated because …

I. Contentment Is Denied(Ignorance is Bliss & Unto whom much is given)

A. A Promise Given – Micah 5:2

1. Context

a) Micah preached against the materialism / idolatry and the deadening affect it was having on the soul of Judah

b) Each proclamation of judgment is balanced by hope.

2. God promised a King who would deliver

a) He is a Prince, not a tyrant

(1) We are forced to do the will of tyrants.

(2) We are free to serve our Prince.

(a) David wished for a drink from a well in Bethlehem – 2Sam 23:13-17

(b) Soldiers risked their lives to get it

If serving Jesus is drudgery / inconvenient / joyless duty, you are not serving Jesus.

b) He is a Shepherd, not a Hired hand – John 10:11-12

(1) A Hired hand cares only for what he gets out of shepherding

(2) The Shepherd Gives His life for the sheep

He will never be your Shepherd if you refuse to hear His voice. – John 10:27-29

B. A Sign Given – Luke’s Gospel

1. A Priest by the name of Zechariah – Luke 1

a) Made Silent in Jerusalem

b) Prophesied of soon appearance of Messiah / His son the fore-runner

c) His wife met the mother of Messiah

2. A band of Bethlehem’s Shepherds – Luke 2:-20

a) They told what they had experienced

b) They invited others to come and see

3. A man name Simeon – Luke 2:25-35

a) Told people of promise that he would see Messiah before he died

b) One day, his expectation was replaced with joy.

c) Then he died

4. The Men from the East reaffirmed the message, Messiah is born.

C. What more did Jerusalem need?

1. What more do you need?

2. This world can give you temporary escape from its disappointment

a) Amusement Park Ride

b) Hollywood produced joy ride

3. This world cannot give you lasting joy and true peace – Temporary peace and happiness is the opiate of Satan

D. The Waters of your Soul will be agitated by the invitation of Jesus to receive Him for who He is.

1. You may wish that you never knew

2. “Ignorance, when it is voluntary, is criminal.” – Samuel Johnson

II. Compromise is Impossible (No man can serve two masters)

A. In search of Moderation

1. In politics, the moderate maintains the status quo

The world’s shortest book, “The Great Achievements of Moderate Politics”

2. In the Bible, moderation tries to harvest the best of both the sacred and the profane.

a) I am a Worldly Christian

b) I am a Religious Secular Man

B. It was impossible to have split loyalties.

1. Herod controlled the religion of Jerusalem.

a) It was Herod’s temple – They would lose their building

b) Rome set up the priests, who did the bidding of the state

2. What would they lose if Herod refused to share power?

C. Why is it that those who claim to be God’s people insist that He take the back seat in a conflict?

1. God, I want you to be longsuffering and patient because those who deny you are not.

2. My peers will not understand if I stand up for you, but you will understand if I stand up for them.

D. The Waters of your Soul will be agitated by the inability to hold on to two opposing masters at the same time.

1. Elijah asked, “How long will you halt between two opinions?”

2. When will you stop saying, “Tomorrow I will serve God.”?

III. Cruelty Is Unleashed (Satan does not give up without a fight)

A. It is time to face Reality

1. We are enslaved to Herod

a) There are tyrants who want the souls of people

b) Entertainers who want more than your money

c) Educators who want more than your time

2. We hate our circumstance

B. Many are waiting for the tyrant to yield or go away first

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