Summary: God's plans and schedules involves people making decisions.

Please open your Bibles to Mark 14 as we continue to worship our Lord by learning from His eternal word….. page…..

Jesus had been teaching the first disciples for about 3 years now and had been preparing them and warning them that He must die for their sins. We noted a few weeks ago that the beginning of Mark 14 tells us that Jesus would die on a cross in 2 days. Read along with me now Mark 14:10-26…………

And so we note the general events: the betrayal against God Jesus Christ by one of the first disciples, celebrating Jewish Holidays, the first practice of Communion, and worship with Truths and Spirit!

Why did all of this happen? All those events had to happen because….

- It was God’s plan that Jesus Christ was to be crucified to death

By the way…. Why did Jesus had to die?? – All because of love!!

- God prophesied with His Word (all of God’s prophecies in His Word has to happen)

- v10-11: God’s plan involves people’s decisions (Judas, the Jewish Leaders, the people, the Roman Empire all made decisions to get Jesus crucified)

- v12: God’s plan is always on the right schedule! (Jesus’ death match the timing of the God’s Passover!) What happened during the Passover in Egypt??

A dead lamb’s blood placed on Believer’s doors spared them from God’s judgment of death! God’s Passover miracle in Egypt was done in love! Everyone had an opportunity to be saved from God’s judgment of death by simply placing blood of a lamb on the door of their home! God’s plans involve people making decisions.

And we also note in our passage this morning…

Jesus is God, so whatever He says will happen!

- v13-16: again, God’s plan happens as people makes decisions (the disciples followed instructions without question and all happened as Jesus told)

But, what do we note…..

- v17-19: Jesus tells a truth but ALL disciples still questioned Jesus!

Do we still question God’s truths today?

- v20-25: Jesus gives a reminder and God’s schedule through Communion

- v26: Jesus worshiped God through song with His disciples!

They sang a hymn!! God loves music!

And so, what are the biblical principles for us to apply?

1. Are we sure of God’s plan and schedule? What are they??

And let us always remember that ALL of God’s plans and schedules are driven by LOVE for us! We must always wait upon the Lord!

2. If God’s Word is always true, how do we treat it??

3. God’s plans involve people. Let us always note that, Our daily decision making does impact God’s plan and schedule! Here’s something to think about: Jesus tells us that everyone will hear the Gospel before the end of the world as we know it, how are we personally doing in telling people the Gospel? God maybe waiting for you and me!!

4. How’s our worship of and with Jesus Christ? Are we really following Him as our only Lord? Do we really think of Jesus Christ when we worship?

These biblical principles are basic to the Christian faith; but I know for myself, I fall short of God’s expectations. Let’s all take a moment to ponder on these 4 principles and pray about what actions we need to take….

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