Summary: Some people have a propensity to let bad things/words settle into their spirit. Be more resistant to negative words and more receptive to good or encouraging words. I include an experience I had with a demon possessed man.

Why Did You Receive That Lie Into Your Spirit ?

PPT 1 Series Title: Words

This is the fifth week of our series on words, one more next week and we will wrap it up. (I think) We have talked about the fact that words can hurt or heal, we can injure with our words or we can build people up, last week we talked about how the words of Jesus are different from the words of anyone else. The words He spoke were spirit and life. Once He passed by a fig tree and there was no fruit, and He was expecting some, He said to the tree no man ever eat of your fruit again, and the next morning they passed by the same tree again, and the disciples were amazed to find that the tree had shriveled up from the roots. His words had power! Next week that will be our the text of our message.

PPT 2 message title (Pic with man who has tattoo of devil speaking into his ear)

Why Did You Receive That Lie Into Your Spirit?

By that I mean this, I am going to try and address why do words take root with some people and not with others?

This applies to good words as well as bad.

PPT 3 text

Psalms 77:2 In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord: my sore ran in the night, and ceased not: my soul refused to be comforted. (AV)

Psalms 77:2 I found myself in trouble and went looking for my Lord; my life was an open wound that wouldn't heal. When friends said, "Everything will turn out all right," I didn't believe a word they said. (MSG)

In this text the Psalmist says he tried to be comforted but his own heart and mind wouldn't let him get there.

Like a sick person they refused all offers of nutritous food.

They were strong in reasoning against their own souls, and resolved against everything that might be a comfort and support unto them.

PPT 4 resist receptive

Here is the summary of my message: Be more resistant to negative words and more receptive to good or encouraging words.

Be more resistant... (Elaborate)

Be more receptive... (Elaborate)

When Moses first told the children of Israel God would free them they were very resistant:

PPT 5-6

Exodus 6:6 "Say, therefore, to the sons of Israel, ' am the LORD, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will deliver you from their bondage. I will also redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments.

Exodus 6:7 When I will take you for My people, and I will be your God; and you shall know that I am the LORD your God, who brought you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians.

Exodus 6:8 And I will bring you to the land which I swore to give to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I will give it to you for a possession; I am the LORD.'

Exodus 6:9 So Moses spoke thus to the sons of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses on account of their despondency and cruel bondage.

What great promises, what a poor response. Jesus would explain that it all comes down to soil condition in Mark 4.

PPT 7 text

Mark 4:20 "But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams."

Seeds won't grow well in a lot of soil conditions, but with the right conditions 30x 60x 100 fold.

Some people carry the wounds of words for decades, and they blame others. While others have a responsible part the real truth is that the wounded person had the soil conditions that let that hurt take root and have not applied spiritual roundup to get rid of it.

As in the natural there are products to kill weeds so in the spiritual there are remedies for hurtful words that have been spoken into your spirit that can dislodge them even though they may have been there for decades. The blood of Jesus, forgiveness, and resolving to stop nurturing and protecting the negative words.

Some people have it backwards, they have been resistant to good words, and receptive to bad.

Words in and of themselves have no power over you it is the spin you put on them that decides how they will settle into your heart.

What affects our ability to resist the bad and receive the good:

PPT 8: list of factors affecting communication



Self talk

Life Experience

Spiritual condition

Current events

Now I want to tell you a story from my life. Forgive me if you have heard it before, but it depicts a time when I wasn't very resistant to bad words, and how God turned that around. (Personal testimony of my interaction with a demon possessed man appended to this message)

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