Summary: From the casting out of a demon to the healing of a deaf and mute man, God's ways are better than human ways. God sent his Son to meet with our souls with a One on One plan for redemption and salvation.

Mark 7:24-26 (CJB) Next, Yeshua left that district and went off to the vicinity of Tzor and Tzidon. There he found a house to stay in and wanted to remain unrecognized, but keeping hidden proved impossible. Instead, a woman whose little daughter had an unclean spirit in her came to him and fell down at his feet. The woman was a Greek, by birth a Syro-phoenician, and she begged him to drive the demon out of her daughter.

The area Yeshua traveled into is the area we would call Syria today. This woman had Greek ancestors. This is why the reference a Syro-Phoenician. Definitely she was not of Jewish ancestry. She and her people were regarded as Gentiles. Everyone not a Jew was a gentile, and because of their not having a connection to the One True God there religious practices was regarded to be unclean.

The verse tells us Yeshua did not wish to be recognized. So he has stopped at a rural house to stay. This unclean Gentile has singled him out, most likely she has traveled some distance to find him. By her actions she proclaimed him to be the Messiah. A title and position the chosen children of God has yet to pronounce on him. His Messianic mission in coming was for the Jews, the chosen children of God. The nation of souls promised to Abraham.

This mother has so great of a heart for her daughter, she is willing to belittle herself by begging and falling at the feet of a Jew. She would not be the first of her kind to be shown the insulting attitude and behavior Jews showed to her kind. Yes, her actions and focus is a loving concern for her daughter. With this love being so great, falling to her knees, she begs this young Jewish rabbi to cast demons from her daughter. She is giving blessing and praise to the very Son of God by her heartfelt actions.

Why is it that this mother has figured out what the leaders of the Jews have not figured out? The Sadducees, Pharisees, and Scribes have not fallen at his feet giving blessings. But when he was born, did wise men travel a great distance to kneel and pay homage to the new born king of the Jews? Yeshua has told us no one can profess him without God the Father bringing the Word of Knowledge as an introduction.

Yeshua despite his teachings about God our father, despite healing people in miraculous ways was not accepted as being the long awaited for Messiah. Not by the leaders or people he came to save. Why, let's consider the human aspect first. People like to put God in a box. People want to declare the ways of God instead of acknowledging the ways of God are wiser than the ways of man. The most important reason is a divine reason. Simply stated, the Jewish leadership has not been properly introduced by the Father. God has a plan for salvation spreading from the Jewish nation to the Gentiles.

Continuing with the human perspective, the Jewish religious leaders and people only thought they knew Yeshua. Why Yeshua is the carpenter's son, his dad was not a member of the religious group. They said we knew his father Joseph, we know his mother is Mary. They also knew his brothers and sisters. But you and I should remember who Yeshua said was his family. My family are the ones who love and do the will of God.

A loving mother with intercessor's care has knelt before his feet begging for an urgent miracle. "Drive out the demons inside of my child". Is this Gentile serving the glory of God? Would Yeshua shares God's glory on a non-Jew?

Mark 7:27-28 He said, “Let the children be fed first, for it is not right to take the children’s food and toss it to their pet dogs.” She answered him, “That is true, sir; but even the dogs under the table eat the children’s leftovers.”

It is an important point that this woman understands her status. There was an air of arrogance held by the Jewish nation about their status being God's Chosen. Too many times people forget just who should be serving who. God is okay if my desires, needs, and wants are being met. But let God not behave like is a servant and people will proclaim God to be dead and powerless.

There is none of that God is to be my servant attitude; when a sinner humbled by life's failures and hurts, is falling at the feet of Jesus begging forgiveness. Many of us sinners know our status, like we know the sins that brought us to such a point in our lives seeking to be rescued, wanted to be saved. "But even a little house dog", a pet can feed on the blessed crumbs carelessly dropped on the floor.

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