Summary: Celebration message, after an evangelisttic outreach. Examines the reason we do what we do.


Well, yesterday was a big day. It was the culmination of a great deal of work, months of preparation and not a small investment. At the day’s end, over 300 people had visited the property. The question however is not about how many people attended. The question is not, “Did our folks have a good time?” I believe many did because when I left after 6 last night, some, including some who had been here since early yesterday morning, were still here playing on the zip line.

The question is not, “Was the food good?” I believe the answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes’. We went through nearly 50 lbs of pulled pork, about 40 lbs of chicken, and several pounds of beans, along with hundreds of hotdog and hamburger buns.

The question today is not, “Did more people find out about ROL 4-H, MPC, and the church?” I think the answer to that question is also “Yes”. We had 10 Kohl’s volunteers, here, who had never been here before. There were folks from the sheriff’s department, and the fire department here, who had never been here before. A man from the USDA, who is on the county 4H board, worked all day as a volunteer, down by the lake with Russ; and Michael Cash, the husband of the county 4H director taught archery all day. The national director of the American Racing Pigeon Union, came in from Oklahoma to help man a booth, and several from the local club came out to help release birds.

Some of our neighbors came out to see what was going on, when the sheriff’s department helicopter buzzed the place and then landed in Steve and Susan’s back yard. Another, across the lake from us, came out and watched the folks in canoes for a while. The News Journal did an article a week ago Thursday, announcing the event; and the reporter was out here yesterday, taking pictures and notes for another article to come out in the paper this coming Thursday.

The question today is not, “Did this event cause Christians from different churches to get together and work together”? I believe the answer to that question is also a yes. Many of you have worked for months, preparing for this day, and others of you were very busy yesterday. Folks from San Jose’ Baptist Church in Jacksonville, helped with the bathhouse, the zip line, and many of the booths yesterday. A girl who attends a sister church in Oviedo was one of those who sang yesterday. Several folks from FBC Lake Monroe, worked preparing for the day; manned booths yesterday, and brought friends. A lady from First Longwood, who leads a ministry for single mothers, came and brought a friend. A member of Volusia Baptist donated the tent and paid six men to erect it on Friday and take it down yesterday, while another member from that church donated and cooked much of the meat.

People from churches in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, and Florida all prayed for the day. Folks who attend a Presbyterian church in Lake Mary, brought some ladies that they had been ministering to. Friends who attend a church in Longwood, brought a number of children from the Sanford Kids’ Club. A friend who attends another area church, brought his race car out, to help with the festivities. Two Spanish pastors from Orange City and Deltona churches, came out with their families. All-in-all, I believe you could say that it was a kingdom day, but that is not the question.

The question I think we need to answer this morning is, “Was it worth it”? Was it worth all of the time, all of the energy, all of the prayer, and all of the resources that went into it? Do you think the Lord is pleased?

In order to answer that question I believe there are several things we need to remember. The first is found in John chapter 3.

- John 3:16


God loves people. He loves them so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for them.

> Galatians 6:2 Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

God loves people and we are called to carry one another’s burdens.

As a single parent, it is sometimes difficult to plan, or to afford special days and special events for your children. God loves these folks, and we as Christians are called to bear each others burdens. One of the ways we can do that is by helping to entertain, the children.

We have had several single mothers tell us that they love bringing their children to Mission Possible Camp for that reason as well. They have said that their boys get to be boys out here and they love having them around positive male role models.

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