Summary: There is no easy answer to the most taxing question of ’Why does God allow suffering?’- but we, as Christians, have the only answer.

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“Why does God allow suffering?” WBC 16/1/5pm

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This is, indeed the biggest problem

- Though I have come to a point of peace and some understanding on it. For me.

- but I don’t have a full ‘satiating’ answer to it

o and you may not be able to, either

o most realistic to hope that there might be a few nuggets (and one in particular) that you can take away from here that help you.

 have found it varies from person to person

 ‘wear your own armour’ (not Saul’s)

• to nurture your faith

• (not to ‘protect’ you from the real world!)

And probably we have protected ourselves from the real world

- used our faith to protect us!

o (came for comfort, not challenge)

- hence: why we are so shocked by these Tsunami event

o but the suffering of ONE life raises the same question:

 “why does God allow suffering?”

o and millions die every few days- most of it not through ‘old age’ (we even have a problem with that, sometimes)

And our faith needs to have thought these things through

- because there IS an answer. One who is the answer.

- Illustr: it is only in the ‘west’ that we have a problem with this. Other eras, cultures and communities of faith have a theology that integrates with these realities of life:

- 1) These things are part of life, death and faith

- 2) God allows these things

- 3) God gives life, He has the right to take it away (??)

- 4) God acts and sends these things (???!! I don’t agree. Needn’t have that opinion)

But I’m aware… even as I present those opinions… that this is ALL just theorising! Sitting in a warm church while people suffer!

- in the end it is a pastoral issue!

o If you’re thinking about this issue tonight, may you receive some ansers

o If you’re feeling… going through this issue may you receive some COMPFORT

… but theorise… theologise we must- as then we find that we, as Christians, have an answer that brings hope. Hope eternal. Shows the true nature of God.

- man! I’m going to cover the reason I am a Christian and not an atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, New Ager or JW

In summary, the problem… question is: “If God allows suffering- then He either doesn’t exist (a-theism), He is either not good, all knowing (omniscient) or all powerful (omnipotent)”

o and on that some rest their case for disproving the existence of God (and confirm it by ‘nature’)

o but they are faced with prob/questions of another kind:

 what IS the purpose of life…. Of suffering, then?

 can you prove God doesn’t exist?

 Can you prove God doesn’t have SOME reason for allowing things as they are?

 = HARDER questions, actually! And a harder life to lead. A tragic.. sad one.

But- I believe we have SOME answers. Something to offer. AND we have pain as well

- the issue of suffering is real for a-theists… but MIGHT it be more real for theists.. CHRISTIANS?

o 25 years ago I was immune to this stuff! Personally and theologically. It didn’t touch me because I was cold and had no belief to defend. Dead: spiritually, morally and intellectually!

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