Summary: God does exsist


Throughout my life as a Christian I have heard many people say God does not exist because of three mail reasons the first is “ God would not let bad people exist if he existed”. The second is “ I prayed and God did not answer them”. And the third is, “ God lets his followers suffer.”

I would like to look at all three of these reasons and give an explanation from a believer’s viewpoint.

1. God would not let evil people exist if he existed.

God does not create evil people when we are born an amazing gift is given to us by God; it is the gift of free will. To choose good or evil is like any choice in life some choose right some do not. You may ask then why doesn’t God just make us follow him? God is our father a parent. I will ask all the parents out here today would you rather have your children blindly follow you like robots or would rather them love you enough to choose to follow you? God is no different he wants us to choose him. We can only really love God and trust him if we choose to. So as you can see God does not create evil it is a path chosen by us.

2. I prayed and God did not answer them

I f we stay with the parent analogy I will ask you do you give your children all they ask for? No of course not. Like our children do we get mad at God for not giving us what we want we question his love for us, we even question if he exists. As a father I still love my children when they are mad at me just like God still loves us when we are mad at him.

We live in a society that expects instant satisfaction from everything even our prayers. What we must realize is that just because we don’t get what we prayer for right away does not mean will we never get. God has a plan for all of us we must trust in that.

3. God lets his followers suffer

This is the easiest statement for me to respond to simply because God never guaranteed that we would not suffer. Christians have suffered from the beginning out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered for all of us and he was God’s son.

None of us are immune but what are promised by following God and accepting Jesus Christ as our savior is that when we do suffer we will not do it alone. In times of need Jesus Christ will not only help us but he will carry us. No matter what happens we are never alone.

In closing I would like to challenge all of you to remember to choose right, trust in God’s plan, and invite our savior Christ into your life. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. AMEN

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