Summary: Reason number two why God would allow Satan access to the Garden of Eden!

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Why Expose Man to Satan - 5

If you watched any of the CSI series on TV sooner or later you would have seen the crew having to retrieve a decomposing body

• One showed them tipping out the remains of a body that was found in a drum – not very good family viewing

We have been looking at the question of why would God, who is a God of love, allow someone like Satan into the Garden and turn him loose on Adam and Eve?

• Last week we looked at the story of Job which gave us an insight into what is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm and we saw how God allowed Satan to afflict Job in order to test Job’s love and faithfulness

• Love is a choice and involves freewill. But a choice can only be made if there are alternatives. God is not capable of evil so He uses Satan as His means of testing our love and faithfulness

• But there is another reason why God would allow Satan access to Adam and Eve

• And it comes back to man’s pride and independence

Isaiah 53:6 (NLT)All of us have strayed away like sheep. We have left God’s paths to follow our own

How many of us like to be told what to do? We don’t, we want to make our own decisions

• And it is to address this problem of our independence that God allowed Satan to have access to the garden

• Because I don’t believe we would ever chose “love” from a position of strength

• I think it is only in the midst of our misery and our wretchedness that we would willingly choose “love”

• In other words, we will only choose “love” while experiencing the consequences of “sin”

• If we think back to the story of the hole in the iron fence. It is only when someone pokes us in the eye with a needle when we sneak our peek that we will sit up and take notice of the sign

• It is only when we understand that sin hurts that we will consider the alternative

So I believe the human race is being set up

• Because it is only within the pain and ugliness of sin that we will truly appreciate what God is offering us – eternal life forever in heaven with Him

• And we don’t have to go any further than the story of Adam and Eve to prove the point

• Remember I make the point last time about Adam and Eve making their choice without really understanding or having experienced evil

• It stands to reason that it was only with the first sin that they would experience the consequences of sin

• Do you think that Adam and Eve really appreciated the relationship they had with God in the Garden before sin? No, they would have taken it for granted as they had nothing else to compare it too

• Do you think they began to appreciate it after they had sinned? Yes. Now they had something to compare it with

• Do you think they wanted to go back to what they had? Yes

• You can image their pain at discovering the dead body of their second-born son Abel at the hands of their first-born, Cain

• They discovered what death meant. They discovered God was right. Sin is painful and ugly. Sin does lead to death, just like those decomposing bodies on CSI

• But that is the end result of sin. Dead decomposing bodies

• So Satan was allowed into the Garden by God to not only test what mankind would do, but also to subject mankind to the full and ugly consequences of sin

Now with this in mind, we need to fast-forward to the resurrection at the end of time

• The resurrection is the time at Christ’s return when all who have ever lived both “good” and “bad” will be raised from the dead and stand before the righteous Judge Jesus Christ

• Every one of them would have experience a life of sin with its ugly consequences

• And I believe that once again, at the resurrection, mankind will be given the same choice as Adam and Eve – “you can either trust me that I know what is best for you as your Maker, or in your pride and rebellion go back to the path of sin and death, but his time there is no second chance and dying means dying forever!”

• The difference of course is that man at that time, in contrast to Adam and Eve who had not experienced sin to that point, will now be making the decision from the perspective of having experienced sin and evil with all its ugly consequences

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