Summary: answers question as to the "why" of trouble

Acts 27:21-24


Paul’s greatest human ambition was to visit Rome, the center and capitol of the great Roman Empire. Paul knew that if he could get the Christianity firmly established in Rome the effect of it would be felt to the ends of the empire. God had told Paul in Acts 23:11 that he would have the privilege of witnessing for Christ in Rome, but for some time it seemed as if Paul dream would never come true. Difficulties, delays, and dangers were always present but none of these things could prevent him from getting to Rome because God had promised.

Acts 27 opens with Paul awaiting a ship to sail to Rome. As we progress in the chapter we find that the ship that sails to Rome gets caught up into a bad storm. A storm that is so bad that the veteran sailors give up hope of surviving. Paul stands forth and informs the men that all will be saved, but the ship will suffer loss. Paul had something solid on which to base his word of encouragement and cheer. He had received a visit, that very night, from the angel of the God

Now note the closing phrase from the angel of God verse 24 “And, lo, God hath given the all them that sail with thee.” I believe the others on board had been the subject of Paul’s prayers. And he is now cheered not only with his prospects of preaching at Rome but with the hope of seeing all his companions in travel safe on shore. In answer to his prayers, they shall all be preserved alike. The world will never know how much it owes to those in its midst who know God.

I. Wherever Christians find themselves, may we REMEMBER that God may have placed you there for the good of others.

Paul was placed in a ship – in a ship caring criminals, sailors, and soldiers. This crowd was not the best to be placed into, but he was placed there for their good. He was placed in an uncomfortable and perhaps an unsuitable place for the good of others.

WHY ARE THE SAINTS OF GOD LEFT ON THIS EARTH AFTER WE ARE SAVED? WHY DOES NOT GOD TAKE US ON HOME AFTER WE ARE SAVED? There is no necessity except that God has left us here for the good of others. Oftentimes God places us where our influence as salt and light is needed most.

A. Take Joseph for a case in pdfsaoint.

Joseph is sold into slavery into Egypt. The salvation of Israel depended upon his being there. “Ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring it to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.”

B. Take the little Jewish maid taken captive by the Syrians for a case in point.

Naaman the leper must hear about the God of Israel and he hears about God from the mouth of this little maid.

` C. Take Daniel in the lions den for a case in point

Though Daniel is placed in an uncomfortable position, he is there for the good of others. Through Daniels’s night in the lion’s den, the king decrees the next morning that Daniel’s God is the living God.

D. Take Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego for a case in point.

They pass through the fiery furnace and their experience manifest to Nebuchanezzar that their no other God that can deliver like their God.

If it be in the hospital, the doctor’s office, loan office, or the funeral home remember God may have put you there for the good of others.

Philippians 1;12,13

God makes no mistakes in where He puts you! The same God that used Moses’s rod, Gideon’s pitchers, and David’s sling, used Paul’s chains. BECAUSE OF PAUL’S CHAINS, CHRIST WAS KNOWN.

The place God puts you is a precious place. Remember it comes from a God of love and wisdom.

The place God puts you is a prospective place. Remember it has opportunities to abound for the glory of God.

II. Wherever Christians find themselves, may we earnestly REQUEST from God the salvation all the souls that are found with us.

God gave all that sailed with Paul simply because Paul petitioned God for them. Paul petitioned God for the deliverance of 275 people who were sailing with him. That is a lot of people to petitioned God for. Do not in your prayers leave out one child, one connection, or one friend in your prayers.

There were all sorts of people that sailed with Paul on this journey, and for them all Paul prayed. Paul pleaded with the Lord for them all.

Paul did not make any stipulations on his prayers. He did not tell the Lord when he wanted them saved. He did not tell the Lord how to save them. Paul did not pray for the ship or the cargo. He simply prayed, “Lord do as thou wilt, but only save their life.” Whatever it takes, but only save them.

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