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Why I Love The Church

Part 2

March 12, 2000 AM – Danny L. Williams

1 Peter 2:4-8

Peter is saying we are lively stones.

the church is full of Rock’s.

It is a church full of lively stones.

In your bulletin are the notes I encourage you to follow along.

Let’s look together, there are four aspects that I want us to look at regarding stones this morning.

Aspect # 1: Stones help provide Stability.

Say the word stability with me….

In 1peter 2:5 he says….

“You also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house” 1 Peter 2:5

Now Peter is saying we are becoming a spiritual house.

I want you to understand this morning that this is God’s desire for everyone in this room.

But before you can be a spiritual house you have to have right foundation…..


Do you remember the parable that Jesus gave of the foolish man who

built his house on the SAND and the wise man who built his house on the ROCK ?

The difference between these two men was their FOUNDATION.

One was on rock and the other was on sand.

In your notes Matt.7:24 says

“Therefore every one who hears these words of Mine,

and acts upon them, may be compared to a wise man,

who built his house upon the rock.” Matthew 7:24

Now if we as believer’s are going to be stable,

There are some things we need to do to act upon what Jesus has told us to do.

#1. Stable stones are Disciples.

Say the word disciple with me…..

If you read the parable of the two men who built their houses the thing that make

them different is they both heard but only one acted upon what he heard.

Hear me this morning: If we are going to be stable stones in the body of Christ.

We are going to have to be disciples and to put it plain and simple disciples obey.

The very term disciple means that you are following someone.

There is someone you consider as a higher authority.

There is a master, someone you are looking to for leadership.

Can I tell you this morning that some one is Jesus Christ.

There maybe some of you here this morning you have followed someone else’s

leadership and they have let you down.

Church: When we take our eyes off of Jesus and place them on man it is easy to be disappointed.

But I wasn’t to encourage you this morning Be a disciple of Jesus…..

Stable stones are disciples and secondly:

#2. Stable stones are Dependable.

I have a question for you this morning.

Are you a dependable stone?

Are you faithful? In your word’s?

Are you honest in your business dealings?

Are you the type of person, that if everyone in this church were like you,

this would be a great church?

Are you dependable?

You are on time for a business deal

but you are 30 min. Late for dinner with your family.

Pastor stop meddling…Okay>>>

Are you dependable?

Stable stones are disciples and stable stones are dependable but thirdly this morning

#3. Stable stones make the tough Decisions.

See a lot of us will make the tough decisions

but sometimes we don’t take responsibility for the consequences of their choices.

Can I tell you this morning: sometimes the decisions are between two good choices.

But as believers we have to make the tough choices of which decision is best.

As you grow in God, the choice is not so much the choice of right and wrong

as it is the choice of Good and Better…..

But can I tell you this morning: There will be consequences for every choice you make.

So my question to you is are you mature enough to take responsibility

for the decisions you make?

You know in my life I have made some bad decisions and I have faced the consequences.

Stable stones are ones that are

1. Disciples

2. Are dependable

3. Make tough decisions

Rebecca Come back wills you “I have to stop preaching God is

Dealing with some people. Some of us are not making the right decisions.

Some of us are not obeying God, When I say not obeying God I ‘am saying

You are a bad person I ‘m saying we are not following like a disciple.

See: disciples obey….

Disciples are dependable…some one you can build upon.

Disciples are someone who will make the tough decisions.

But Can I tell you disciples are people who make those tough decisions

And will stand on it and not be moved.

Now you have a choice this morning as the Holy Spirit deals with you and say no.

God gives you that progitive but can I tell you if you accept that

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