"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: We must consider it all joy when we face trials and tribulations because God is trying to get our attention. He is attempting to restore His purpose in us, He is trying to increase our patience because He wants us to mature so that we may be restore back

One of the most difficult questions at times of troubles is the question of why. Now it is question that comes easy, but it is one that is often a difficult one to answer.

Why did this have to happen now? Why in the world is this happening to me?

Perhaps some of us have been taught that it is spiritually “taboo” to ask God why we must endure certain trials.

Yet I am reminded that God is a loving and caring Father who does not abandon His children in their quest for understanding when life suddenly happens around us.

I am a strong believer that God is no beyond our questions and that in a search for wisdom He welcomes our inquiries, for at the very least it engages us in conversation with God.

We have a great example in the scriptures of a man that lost everything and was even inflicted with great personal suffering, and yet in his time of struggle he never stops trusting in God although he did as the question why.

God knows we have feelings. He knows that changing life circumstances often will elicit passionate reactions from us, some good and some the result of the natural human inclination to find out why.

Our God designed life to be experienced not in vacuum, but in an environment where He is the only real constant.

In fact I believe that it is through life experience that we learn of God’s Majesty and greatness.

Our character is often sorely tested without warning; we are often at loss to even find words to describe our situation, so we sometimes shrug our shoulders and just say, “stuff happens” or as I say “life happens”.

Given the inescapable fact that we must not only face trials in this life, but also tackle all that comes with going through them, it is easy to feel as if we are being treated unfairly.

Many times we may not say it out loud, but we feel like giving up and you see this despair often leads to depression. This leads to inactivity, apathy and simply not caring anymore concerning our Christian faith.

Yet I suggest to you today that God has created a built in purpose for each trial He allows in our lives.

Even those that seem to hurt so much, even and especially for them, God has made a purpose.

You see God uses our trials as opportunities for us to embrace our moments of greatness. True Greatness is defined not by our acquisitions or abilities but by one’s desire to serve Christ. Point in case, Moses was transformed from fugitive to fearless leader.

The key thing to remember is that regardless what we may be going through God is doing something in us and for us.

But we may say, isn’t there another way to learn these lessons?

I think the reason that God acts the way he does is because from time to time we need to be refined. From time to time we push God away and walk away from His plan and he needs to allow the unthinkable at times to get our attentions. Because nothing else will.

You see when life is going well, we tend to think we don’t need God and so we push him aside, but then when trouble comes it is he whom we run to. And unfortunately our actions carry unthinkable consequences.

But even at times life does just happen, without anything of our fault or anything we have done. After all the scriptures tell us that the rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous.

You see we live in a world of sin a world ruled by the devil and that sin that evil is constantly looking to for whom it may devour.

When it comes to our trial in our passage for today I can see at least three important lessons that God wants us to understand as we go through trials and tribulations:

I. Through our trial God is Accomplishing His Original Plan

Do you remember God’s original plan for man?

In Genesis we read that God created man and in the cool of the day he and Adam would walk in the garden and fellowship. God’s purpose then for us has always been for us to be in right relationship with Him; something that was interrupted by sin.

However, fortunately for us, our failure did not cause God to take His eye off of the prize. Although we do from time to time God never gives up on us, in fact he is our best cheerleader, always cheering us on even when we are at our lowest point.

You see God does not detour, just because we do not cooperate. He remains persistent in His plan for our lives and even our disobedience or disrespect do not deter him from restoring us to full fellowship with Him.

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