Summary: A "Will" requires death (shedding of blood) in order for the promises in a will is realized; the old and new covenant requires shedding of blood but Jesus' was from heaven, once and for all, and eternal!

As we prepare our hearts for Communion, let us listen and learn from God’s Word in Hebrews 9…..

As we had noted from the first half of Hebrews 9, God established a relationship with the Hebrews of old through a covenant but it was limited, temporary, and only a shadow of what is in heaven.

Because God loves His Creation and all people, God sent Jesus Christ from heaven to earth to establish the new covenant, a relationship for all people which is real and eternal, like heaven itself!

Read along with me now Hebrews 9:14-28….

In Hebrews 9:15, we note the word “mediator”. What is a mediator? The original Greek word here is mesités = mediator, intermediary, a go-between, arbiter, agent of something good.

v14-15: Jesus Christ - the mediator of new covenant (a new relationship with God)!

- Jesus without sin gave His life for God’s work

- His sacrifice cleanses consciences from sins of those who believe

- His death paid for the sins committed under the 1st Covenant (Mosaic Laws)

Jesus Christ is mediator, intermediary, a go-between, arbiter, agent of something good to all people for God!

Now, What is a “will” written by a person??

A will legally, with certainty, sets the desires of a person to gift others when they die!

Later, we will celebrate Communion with a drink representing the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us. Ever wonder why there is always blood involved in God’s covenants? We can note why in…

v16-22: Death, or shedding of blood, makes a “will” release the promises to whom the “will” is given. When the person dies who gave promises in a “will”, the promises become reality to those the “will” was given to;

and so, both in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant with Jesus Christ require the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sins!

v23: All things with the Old Covenant were only copies of the realities in heaven; therefore, the New Covenant which brings heaven to earth require a different sacrifice.

v24-26: tells us this sacrifice for the New Covenant…

Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth to die once to pay for all sins once and for all! Let us note that Jesus Christ died once, not every year; proclaiming that Jesus Christ dies every Good Friday is a lie from the devil!

Another lie of the devil is that it is still possible to go to heaven by paying for or to be prayed for a person’s sins after they die! God’s word is clear and direct in Hebrews 9:27-28!

v27-28a: a person will only die once and immediately face the judgment of God! Salvation from sin and God’s judgment can only happen when a person is still alive by believing in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!

v28b: Whether still alive or already died, all Believers of Jesus Christ will be completely saved when Christ returns to earth! Let us close by reading 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18….

Let us note that only God the Father is holding Jesus Christ from returning to earth. Jesus can show up today! Wouldn’t it be great if Jesus calls our name while we are remembering Him and celebrating the forgiveness of sins with the death of Jesus Christ for us? And so, before we celebrate communion, take a quiet moment right where your are and ponder about theses truths from Hebrews 9 and be ready for the appearance of Jesus Christ!

Are you in Christ’s “Will and Testament” or you’re still refusing that He is the Only Savior and God?

Only those in Christ’s “Will” will be saved and go to heaven!

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