Summary: Because Christ is the only satisfactory Lamb, you must receive Him as your atonement for sin and access to God.

I. Worshipping God man’s way is revealed as wickedness. v. 1-14

A. The Israelites offer corrupted worship. (1-6)

1. They broke the second commandment (1-4).

2. They offer apostate worship (5-6).

B. The Israelites became corrupted themselves.(7-14)

1. They were disowned by God for idolatry (7-10).

2. They lost the immediate presence of God (11-14).

II. Worshipping God man’s way is met with judgment. v. 15-29

A. Moses smashed the tablets (19).

B. Moses destroyed the golden calf (20).

1. It symbolizes the powerlessness of the calf and God’s wrath.

2. They must bear the consequences of their sin.

C. Moses held Aaron accountable (21-24).

1. Aaron blames the people (22).

2. Aaron tries to avoid the blame (23-24).

D. Moses judged the unrepentant (25-29).

1. Opportunity for repentance is offered (26).

2. 3,000 apparently refused and are slain (27-29).

III. Worshipping God man’s way necessitates divine intercession. v. 30-35

A. Moses was unable to provide the needed atonement.

1. You need atonement because of your sin (30-31). 2. Moses knew God required a satisfactory payment for sin.

B. Jesus Christ is able to provide your needed atonement.

1. Being committed to the Lord is not adequate (26, 29).

2. Being represented by a spiritual leader is not adequate (32-33).

3. Being seriously committed to obedience is not adequate (Ex 36-39).

4. Being represented by the Lamb’s blood makes atonement with God.

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