Summary: A message on being serious with your life.Refusing to call ’normal’normal,living by questioning your life and enquiring from God!

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“Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant. 22 The babies jostled each other within her, and she said, "Why is this happening to me?" So she went to inquire of the LORD. 23 The LORD said to her, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger."” Genesis 25:21-23

Little kids are so inquisitive I remember when I was young my mother would jokingly tell me that I am bother. I wouldn’t let anything pass without posing a question ‘what is that’. Sometimes in life you need to be very, very inquisitive. When you look at the calendar it tells you that you are now aged but when you look at your life (accomplishment) you see that you are just but a child then you need ask yourself why this is happening to me. When you look at other people of your age and see that they have achieved and done much than yourself then don’t just sit and hope it’s normal. When other people’s prayers are very effective than yours then you need to ask yourself, when others are just progressing and you are stagnant ask yourself, when others are getting smiling and you are always moody ask yourself, nothing is just well with you don’t waste time thinking of committing suicide ask why is all that is happening to me!

Many people think it’s normal to suffer; some think it’s even normal to be poor. Some even call that the will of God. So many people when they come across strange happenings in their lives they just call that the will of God. People! You need to stop that and start asking WHY all this is happening to me. Some people have failed the same exams seven times and continue thinking behaving as if all is normal, reading the same way and fail the same way again. Just stop for a while and ask yourself WHY all this happening to me is. Some people get paid today and by the next day they will be broke and continue living as if all is fine or worse still blaming the inflation, economic woes and so forth. Well I do admit inflation and economic woes do exist but why is that your co-worker makes it for the whole month? There are times in life my friend you need to question your life. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

Why am I poor? Why I am not married now? Why am I divorced? Why am I always angry? Why am I not developing? Why am still sinning against God? Why am I drinking like this? Why am I smoking like this? Why am I looking like this? Why am facing all this? Why …..Why is this happening to me?

One day Jesus came across a boy blind from birth and His disciples asked Him why this fellow was like that. Praise is to God who answers! Jesus said this was done so that God will be glorified, until and unless you ask the question WHY you will not know. All the discoveries made so far where prompted by the question why is this so, why is this happening etc. Unless you start searching for the question why about your life you shall remain in your current state and die like that. One day Jesus was asked why certain people died when a pillar had fallen on them and many people died. Jesus told them that unless they themselves repent from sins they will perish like that. If you really need change in your life, ruthlessly ask yourself & life why this and that is happening and start to find solutions from God. Many people do understand that certain things shouldn’t be happening in their lives but they ask wrong questions like why God forsook me, who is bewitching me, etc. Its time you should start asking yourself enough to call God for the answer. If you have been asking yourself but ending up being in the hands of false prophets, witch doctors, fortune tellers, secret societies, ancestry worship and so forth then you shall not get a meaningful and true answer. You shall remain like that and die like that. Its time you inquire from God and take action to change your life.

Its time you should start inquiring from God with hope to change. When Rebecca was not getting pregnant Isaac her husband prayed and God opened her womb. When the pregnancy was growing she felt strange movements in her womb .She did not just listen to that and treat that as something normal .She first asked herself why is this happening to me. I would have said but Rebecca aren’t you pregnant? The doctor may have said don’t worry that’s what pregnant does. Rebecca refused all that and said the final answer rest with God. Unless God reveals this to me I will not take ‘its okay, it’s normal’ for an answer. There are times you need to refuse taking its okay or don’t worry everyone experiences that or its normal for an answer. Ask yourself and inquire from God why this and that is happening to me. God then told her that in her womb were two nations, people who are separated, stronger and weaker ones. Just see what those normal movements in her womb meant. Unless you refuse to accept your situation as normal will you fail get to understand your life. Unless you refuse to accept life as just eating, talking, sleeping, marrying and dying you will not get the true meaning of your life.

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