Summary: Jesus had power over the darkness of this world

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Intro: in the next few days evil will be glorified as good. Witches, warlocks, devils and death will be promoted as all powerful in this world.

But the church isn’t suppose to tremble by the darkness, but shine in it, take authority over it, and overcome it with good. I believe Jesus always ruins Halloween. He never let demons ruin His work, He always spoiled there parties.

Why Jesus Always Ruins Halloween

Luke 4:33-37, Matthew 8:28-32

Reason One- Matthew 8:29–Demons realize that aren’t all powerful, when Jesus shows up they start crying.

–the first thing they cry is: why are you here, why are you ruining things for us. You are the Son of God, you are the Holy One–please don’t hurt us.

–they cry–leave us alone–34–The Christian isn’t afraid of demons and the devil–we have all authority given to us through Jesus name.

–they cry: are you going to torment us before the time(matt. 8:29) when they see Jesus they always wonder, is this it, is this when we are all going down. Every demon, every Satanic force knows the end of the story is that Jesus will cast them all into the lake of fire.

Reason Two–Matthew 8:31–when you cast us out–the next reason Jesus always ruin Halloween, is that demon possession, tormenting spirits, the spirit of fear, spirits of addiction, all have to go when Jesus shows up.

a. when you cast us out–there is no question that when Jesus takes possession of a life, the devil has got to go.

b. demons, the devil has no say, what Jesus says will happen, is going to happen. I love it, it says, the demons begged Him to be cast into the herd of swine. Please Jesus, don’t torment us yet, please let us go.

c. when Jesus speaks the Word, the Word never returns void. The devil and every demon is no match for the Word. With power he commands the demons and they obey Him.

Reason Three– Luke 4:36–what a word is this–with authority and power he commands the unclean spirits- Jesus is always glorified and the devil is always humiliated.

a. Jesus puts the devil to an open shame–every time the devil thinks he is winning, he ends up losing again

b. the demons tremble–when Jesus is absent the demons seem so strong, and powerful, but when he shows up, the cower, and tremble and beg him permission to do things.

c. the disciples returning from ministry said, even the demons are subject to us through your name. Halloween is glorified in America, demons, witches and warlocks are promoted as powerful, but Jesus will ruin Halloween as the church rises up in power and takes authority over every spirit that confesses not Jesus Christ.

Reason Four–Jesus defeating the Devil becomes a great witness in the world–Luke 4:37–the fame of him went out into every place

Matthew 8:34–behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus–

a. as Christians we aren’t going to go inside out houses, curse the darkness, we are called to shine as lights for Jesus Christ. The best witness in this world is ruining Satan’s holidays, ruining demons possession, taking authority over every evil thing.

b. the message of Jesus defeating the devil needs to reach our whole community. People must know that we have the power in the name of Jesus. That every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father.

Close: as one man said years ago, there isn’t enough darkness in the entire world to put out the light of one who shines for Jesus Christ.

Sanctify the season by overcoming evil with good.

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