Summary: He is the reason for the Season. We celebrate the season because He is in us. Christmas is not receiving gifts, not asking for gifts, not Santa, not Ever green Tree, not the pomp and show of lights and all the other things..... Christmas is Jesus. Yes it is receiving the gift God gave to mankind.

It is important to know why Jesus came. He did not come to make the life on earth more comfortable. He did not come to make life more easy in your situation. He came with a purpose to this earth. Let me tell you from the Bible at least four reasons I found in my study, why He came.

1. Jesus came to Reveal the Father (John 1:18).

People to whom God showed Himself has also lost the identity of God. The Israelites to who God revealed and hoped they would show Him to the Gentile world failed utterly. They were give a picture of God and now they have distorted His Image. They lost the reality of God. Jesus came to Reveal the Father who is in heaven. His whole life is to turn every one to the Father. Jesus is the revelation of the Father and only through Him we can know the Heavenly Father. No one else can reveal the Father to us. Though they may be great prophets, healers, and doers of miracles and wonders, but to show us the Father is not in their hands. only JESUS REVEALS US THE FATHER GOD! Actually He came to do that only.

2. Jesus came to Redeem from the fear of death (Hebrews 2:14`15)

You may not fear anything in this world. You may the bravest in your circle. But one thing will scare you. When death comes to your door step, and you know your days on earth are now done, when you know you have to face eternity ....... all your strength will be gone. But Jesus came to remove that fear from your heart. JESUS REMOVES THE FEAR OF DEATH. Because he passed through the death and knows what is beyond death and as He conquered death, if you trust in Him you do not need to fear death. For a believer death is a sweet rest. And Jesus came to make it.

3. Jesus came to Ravage the works of Satan (1 John 3:8)

We have an enemy. He is after your soul. He lost the eternity with God, and wants you too lose that opportunity. So He is after you. He is ready to do anything to take your soul with him to hell. You do not have power over him, he is stronger than you. And he operates in a realm that you would not understand with your flesh and mind. But now you do not need to fear him because THE ONE WHO IS IN YOU IS MORE STRONG. Jesus who crushed the head of Satan on the cross with His shed blood, if you accept Him as your Savior and Lord, He will destroy all plans satan had against you.

4. Jesus came to Reign Forever (Luke 1:33)

Jesus did not come into this world to reign for a time being. Not like our politicians, not even like some kings. He is reigning from everlasting and His reign will continue for ever. Things seem to be out of your control and at times you may think the situations are out of control of God. You may doubt whether God is doing anything at all. But be still, God is in control of everything happening in your life and all over the world. Only if you trust Him and cling on to Him, you will see at the end. HE IS REIGNING. Though you can not see with you physical eyes ask God to open your spiritual eyes so that you can see his doings.

This Christmas let us remember why Jesus came. Let us have more revelation of God our Father, Let us live a life without the fear of death, let us not fear the works of satan, Let us remember that Jesus reigns forever.

May this Christmas be a Hopeful one to the days ahead.

Merry Christmas to you all

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