Summary: Part 3 focuses on the prophecies pertaining to the Messiah's death and resurrection.

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Why Jesus Part 3

Scriptures: Isaiah 52:13-14; Isaiah 53; Matthew 16:26; Revelation 3:20


Last week I shared with you the prophecies pertaining to the Messiah’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem and the prophecies pertaining to His betrayal. I then took you to the New Testament Scriptures showing you how Jesus fulfilled each and every one of those prophecies. When I closed out my message on last week, I asked each of you to go home and chew on the thought of what would your response would be to a UPS man who came to your doorstep and asked for identification before allowing you to have your package that you ordered or was shipped to you. I asked you to consider the fact that you had shown him not one, but eight different pieces of evidence that you were who you said you were. I asked that you consider that once you proved it he still refused to give you the package because “he” needed more proof. He does not have the authority to make you prove anything, but he held your package hostage because he could. I asked you to chew on what you would do. Would you allow him to walk away with “your” package or would you forcibly take it from him? Did you think about it this week? Did you chew on it for a little while?

To date I have shared with you eight different prophecies pertaining to the true Messiah that only Jesus fulfilled. No man has come close to fulfilling any of them as Jesus did. Jesus has to be the Messiah? How do I know it can only be him? There have been only two men created without an earthly father – Adam and Jesus! There has only been one man who did not have the DNA of an earthly father but was born of a virgin – Jesus the Christ! Jesus the Messiah! If there is a man who is to be considered the Messiah, he would have to be born of a virgin and to date, not one of the prophets, leaders, or founders of other religions can make that claim. If they were not born of a virgin they could not be the Messiah! So considering this fact, I asked you last week to chew on what God’s response is to us when He has identified Jesus as His Son, as the one and only way into heaven with eight separate pieces of evidence and we still do not believe? Why would He feel any different than how we would feel if the UPS driver refuses to accept our evidence? God is done proving who Jesus was and is! God has done His part, now it is really our choice as to what we choose to believe.

This morning we will continue with the prophecies. Since we are celebrating Easter, you know that Jesus rose from the dead. So based on your understanding of this, I will focus primarily on the prophecies versus their fulfillment. Please turn with me to Isaiah chapter fifty-three. In Isaiah chapter fifty-three we are given an overview of the Messiah’s life and death. After Isaiah, I will read a few other Scriptures to you from the Old Testament that speaks of the Messiah’s death and resurrection.

I. Isaiah’s Summary of Jesus Life

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